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7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home This Spring, According to Designers

Steal their secrets.

By Kristen Garaffo
Camille Styles Spring home refresh

No matter how much you love your home, refreshing your space with the seasons is invigorating. Since we’re constantly evolving, it makes sense that our styles, preferences, and interests shift and change with time. If you take a look around your home and notice some spots that could use an overhaul—spring might be the perfect time to change things up. Especially if a shift could bring more peace and calm to your life. 

Designers Share: How to Refresh Your Home For Spring

Take it from the pros—this season is prime time for makeovers, deep cleans, and organization sprees. They’re not only working on refreshing their client’s homes but their own homes as well. I chatted with interior designers Karen Wolf of K+Co Living, Andi Morse of Morse Design, and Jenna Morrow of Morrow Design Studios to get to the lowdown on a spring home design refresh. Read for expert tips on how to breathe new life into your space this season.

They’re Embracing Coastal Grandma Aesthetic

The Coastal Grandma aesthetic burst onto the scene in 2022, as Lex Nicoleta coined the phrase on TikTok, and the love of easy breezy, coastal style is still going strong. “I love the coastal grandma aesthetic,” Wolf shares. “Despite not being a grandmother myself, or living on the water, I prefer a relaxed, soft muted palette with woven textures and natural materials mixed in.”

Try It Yourself: To perfect the aesthetic this spring, swap darker colors for soft blues and neutrals, add rattan or wicker accents, and place a large vase of white hydrangeas on your kitchen table for ultimate Something’s Gotta Give vibes. Diane Keaton is the inspo behind the movement after all.

They’re Adding Fragrance

Layering scent into your home can be so powerful, as fragrance can be used to completely shift the atmosphere of a space—perfect as the seasons change. “I like to refresh my bathrooms by adding fresh room diffusers,” Morse says. “I tend to infuse ones that look more like sculptures as they blend more with the aesthetic and decor rather than stick out.”

Try It Yourself: There are a variety of plug-in diffusers, reed diffusers, and candles you could use.  Consider how you want you and your guests to experience each room as you decide on a home fragrance. Pay close attention to how each scent makes you feel. Are you relaxed? Energized? Happy? Choose accordingly and enjoy. 

They’re Deep Cleaning

Spring wouldn’t be spring without a deep clean, even for the pros. Wolf offers a helpful mindset to choose as you organize and tackle your at-home cleaning projects. “Outside of the usual decluttering, I am thinking about my home as if I am about to move in—from cleaning windows, vents, lighting, and paint,” she shares. 

Try It Yourself: Take time this season to clean the spots that don’t get daily or monthly care. Per Wolf’s suggestion, look at your home with fresh eyes. If you had never walked into this home before, what would you notice? Let that inspire you as you plan your spring home projects. 

They’re Updating Decor

As you’re doing your deep clean, you may begin to notice that some items in your home need to be updated. Wolf is on the lookout for quick decor fixes that are simple and won’t break the bank in her own home. “Quick fixes for decor include fresh pillows, throws, bedding, and a kitchen island paint-over. Changing all bulbs to a consistent LED color temperature is also helpful,” she states. 

Morrow agrees. ”I like to refresh my accents during the spring season to give my home a new look,” she says. “ Transitioning throw pillow covers from dark and moody shades like emerald green to lighter and softer pastels is one way I like to make changes.”

Try It Yourself: Notice if any of your throws are a little worse for wear, or if your pillows have lost their shape. Investing in updated linens will keep things fresh and cozy, and introduce lighter shades appropriate for warmer weather. Paint touch-ups are also a quick and easy fix that will make a big impact in your home, and on your nervous system, too. No more chipped paint will be easy on your eyes.

They’re Buying Fresh Sheets

Isn’t changing over your bedding between seasons a delightful small joy? Spring bedding is airy and light, and Morse refreshes her bedroom each year with a new pair of sheets. “I like to buy one pair of fresh sheets for my bed as bedding takes a lot of wear and tear,” she shares. 

Try It Yourself: While you’re digging through your linen closet, Morse suggests doing a declutter as you go. “Additionally, I like to organize my bedding, get rid of the ones that are no longer in great shape, and buy a completely new set for the next year,” she continues.

They’re Organizing Cabinets

“Two of the areas that I tend to refresh in my home every spring are my kitchen and bathrooms,” Morse shares. “First, I like organizing and cleaning out the pantry and all the cabinets, and then I like to do the same for the bathrooms.”

Try It Yourself: Spring cleaning gets a lot of hype this season, but decluttering and organizing go hand in hand with a deep clean, especially in your kitchen and bathroom like Morse says. Give yourself time this season to take everything out of your pantry or cabinet and toss the items that are old or expired, and organize all of the items you keep. It’s best to do one cabinet at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Good design is not only for what’s in plain sight, but what goes on behind closed doors as well.

They’re Incorporating Florals

If there’s ever a time to sprinkle your home with fresh bouquets, it’s now. Flowers add beauty instantly, whether they are real or faux. “I like to incorporate oversized faux spring florals like cherry blossoms and lilacs,” Morrow says. Morrow herself has a large vase of white cherry blossoms in her home office. Large faux florals add a layer of softness to her space, and since they’re faux, she doesn’t need to worry about watering them. 

Try It Yourself: If you’re lucky enough to have flowering branches in your backyard, pruning your trees and bringing those branches inside is a wonderful way to affordably incorporate the real thing. If not, browsing Trader Joe’s flower aisle will be lovely, especially since the grocery store offers a wide array of affordable flowers, branches, and greenery.