Refresh Your Life This Spring: 20 Ways to Align Your Growth With the Season

Change is calling.

By Isabelle Eyman

Spring is synonymous with a refresh. The season itself calls to mind telling and transformative breaths of fresh air. We step outside anticipating a welcome warmth—the temperature a far cry from the winter’s harsh weather. Sweaters are stored and our closets brim with the lighter layers we’ve been waiting months to wear. Fresh produce and flowers fill the outdoor markets and our weekends unfold with the long, languid moments of extended sunlight. Nothing is hurried and everything is savored. Spring, I believe, is life as it should be. These natural rhythms, of course, align with the motivation to spring clean your life. There’s never a better time to create space for the growth that’s yours to experience.

Nothing is hurried and everything is savored. Spring, I believe, is life as it should be.

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woman eating fruit, spring clean your life
Image by Michelle Nash

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time for a Refresh

I could go on with the many things that, for me, represent spring. Radishes with butter. Dappled sunlight. The open opportunity of adventure unfolding in front of you. Oftentimes, I discover that so much in winter feels impossible—there’s a tension that exists between my desire for energy and the organic push toward hibernation. But when spring comes along, there’s a simultaneous slowing down and a spirited rush to make the most of every day.

While the year starts with an inexhaustible list of all we want to accomplish, by the end of March, many of us have lost our connection to these goals and resolutions. But as with anything we step away from, there’s always the chance that we can find our ways back to what we wanted once again.

Below, I’m sharing 20 ways I like to spring clean my life each time this inspiring season comes around. I hope these ideas serve as a foundation to help you approach the next few months with an open heart and curious perspective. May we all find the growth and movement forward that best serves our path best.

peonies, spring clean your life
Image by Michelle Nash

20 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

1. Spring clean, intentionally. As you clean your house, approach the process with kindness and be patient as it unfolds. Ask: what are my goals? How do I want to inhabit my space differently? What could I do to be happier in my home? For more guidance, consult our spring cleaning guide.

2. Refresh your journaling routine. Perhaps you’ve always been a free-form writer but are seeking more direction in your process. Find inspiration with journaling prompts tailored to how you want to realign and recalibrate.

3. Play with fresh blooms. Is there any better way to welcome in spring than with a nod to the natural world? Visit the farmer’s market, flower shop, or even Trader Joe’s—it’s a lovely little pick-me-up after your Sunday grocery shop.

4. Review your spending. While the idea of making a budget may call in ideas of restriction, I like to think of money as ‘energy currency.’ Look at your credit card statements and transactions to get a better understanding of where your money is going and what that says about how you spend your time. Are you spending on clothes you don’t love? Would you rather dedicate more money to experiences?

5. Take your workout outside. I’m a bougie boutique fitness girlie through and through. But when the weather warms up, you can bet I’m hopping on my bike and hitting the tennis courts. Why? Because there’s nothing that energizes or inspires me quite like getting outdoors. Even if that looks like a 20-minute walk after work, everything counts.

6. Dine al fresco. It doesn’t just have to be your workout—as you spring clean your life, look for all the little pockets in your day that you can spend outdoors. You need to eat, so why not romanticize it? (Along with just about everything else in your life.)

7. Make weekly market trips. When my neighborhood’s farmer’s market opens in April, I’m there every Sunday. I love indulging in the ritual of a leisurely wake-up call, coffee with my partner and cats in bed, and walking over to the market without a list in hand—ready to let inspiration lead the way.

8. Switch up your scents. For perfumes, candles, and however else you choose to scent your life. Pumpkin spice is out, peony is very much in.

9. Pick one thing to let go of. Are you a chronic over-committer? A ‘yes’ woman? Perhaps a people pleaser? This spring, choose one thing—be it a weekly obligation, an invitation you begrudgingly accepted, whatever!—and release it. Trust me, the world will continue on without you overextending yourself.

10. Upgrade your beauty cabinet. Have you always been curious about clean beauty but haven’t yet taken the plunge? Learn about the best options available and treat yourself to a shopping spree. If a total overhaul isn’t in the cards (new products can add up quickly), select a few staples in your daily routine to swap out. A little goes a long way.

journaling, spring clean your life
Image by Jenn Rose Smith

11. Commit to a morning brain dump. If journaling hasn’t connected for you yet, ease your way in with a low-stakes brain dump. In the morning when you wake up, pull out a piece of paper and simply jot down all that’s on your mind. Whether that’s work anxieties or a strange dream you can’t shake off, process it on the page and leave it there. No need for you to carry it around.

12. Release negative self-talk. We’re done.

13. Turn your junk drawer into a wellness drawer. Or a collection of anything else that brings you joy! I swapped out my random pens, paperclips, and sticky notes for aesthetically aligned supplements and positive affirmations I love to look at each morning. Curate yours however you’d like.

14. Declutter your closet. It isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s beyond effective for transforming your mood. Each spring, I ruthlessly edit my wardrobe. Gone are the items I haven’t worn in months (seasonal-specific pieces don’t count) and I’m more than ready to donate what I’ve grown out of. If you haven’t heard it yet, clothes should fit you—not the other way around.

15. Detox your sleep routine. No more phones on the nightstand. Scratch that, they don’t belong in the bedroom at all. Just a good book, perhaps your journal, and whatever else helps you wind down (again, my cats). This spring and beyond, we’re all getting the sleep we deserve.

16. Carve out more quiet. So much of our lives are dictated by the noise (thoughts, opinions, and influence) that others put out into the world. I’m precious with my quiet time and space—in the morning and in the evening before bed, be particularly mindful of what you allow in.

17. Incorporate more whole foods into your diet. That’s right, we’re not cutting anything out. Throughout your day, look for opportunities to bring more unprocessed or minimally processed foods into your meals. Whether that’s a fresh salad with lunch, fruit in your oatmeal, or nuts as a nighttime snack—more is more.

18. Clean up your digital life. Clear your phone roll of accidental screenshots and photos of your ex. Delete contacts you no longer speak with (your ex). Achieve inbox zero—or whatever realistic version of that you choose.

19. Carve out a tech-free space in your home. Analog only, y’all. Books, art supplies, crafting items—whatever! The only rule: no phones allowed.

20. Hydrate. If I’m in a bad mood or need a boost of energy, a sip of water is almost always the answer.