Why Spring Is The Ultimate Time To Refresh Your Home

By Cristina Cleveland
spring inspired interior design

spring inspired interior design

What I’ve learned from every biography I’ve ever read and TED Talk I’ve ever watched, is that creating new habits and meeting goals is all about the setbacks. There will always be missteps, but the key is to get back up, not be too self-critical (that one’s hard) and try again. If you’re with the 80% of the population whose New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside, spring is the ultimate opportunity to reset. This month we reset our clocks, the weather’s noticeably shifting, and it’s a perfect time to make our home reflect that too. That can mean a trip to the nursery, a fresh coat of white paint on scuffed walls, or a scrubbing session with your baseboards (which I find oddly satisfying). For me, I’ve been feeling the urge to take everything off my bookshelves in my home, and get rid of accessories and things in sparse surfaces and plants.

spring inspired interior design

Plants – There were a few cold snaps that really did a number on my plants this winter. I thought for sure I had lost most of the plants on my balcony, but in the last few weeks baby green shoots have blossomed into leaves and flowers, exceeding all of my expectations. Having plants around the home can act as perfect reminders of the new beginnings of spring.

A fresh color palette – My home has been feeling too busy lately, and I realized part of that came down to all of the colorful books, accessories and art I have around my home. So I decided to take all of the colorful art and put it on one statement wall, so that the rest of my home could be neutral and more tranquil. White, black, brown and the greenery of plants have been the fresh color palette I needed.

Eating outside – Here in Texas we have to make the most of the weather before it gets too hot, so I’ve been taking every opportunity to eat outside in nature (and iPhone-free). With a sunroom like the one in the inspiration photo you can do this all year long, but I also like to take open up the windows and doors whenever I can to let fresh air and the noises of nature in.

Give a few things away – One meaningful way to reset this season is to identify a few things that can be donated. It doesn’t have to be a huge overhaul, in fact I find it’s more sustainable to do small sorting sessions regularly. This doesn’t require any new purchases (if you’re resourceful you can even make some money) and I always feel like I can breathe a little bit more deeply once I get rid of a few things that were gathering dust and taking up space.

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