Take It Outside

By Cristina Cleveland

Here in Texas there is a small window between sweater weather and too-hot-to-breathe. And that window is here! It’s time to head out to the patio, balcony, or garden with friends for a pitcher of margaritas and make-your-own nachos. If your outdoor space was a bit neglected during the winter months and could use some TLC, now’s the perfect time to spruce things up. Even if our homes are beautifully decorated, many of us feel stumped about where to even begin with our outdoor spaces — but why not take the same principles of indoor decorating and apply them outdoors? If you love a good gallery wall then create the same effect on your exterior with staghorn ferns. Keep reading for more tips to bring this look home.

Staghorn ferns on moss or wood – If the taxidermy trend is not for you, then a staghorn fern create a similar focal point. Mounted ferns can be a little pricy but it’s fairly simple to DIY your own onto wooden boards if you’re crafty.

Bolivian rug – This is a perfect opportunity to repurpose a rug or throw from your home that has either seen better days or

Antique wedding baskets – Straw baskets and hats can fill in the space and add variety to your hanging garden gallery wall.

Limestone plate – A stone plate or bowl like this one would make a beautiful centerpiece full of fruit both indoors and out.

White Whale Mixers – The bright, graphic packaging of these mixers are just the ticket to dress up your bar cart or the drinks station at your next party.

Bench – I love that this architectural bench would look just as good inside with coffee table books piled on top as it would outdoors being used as seating.

Indian pillow – If you want a quick way to dress up your outdoor furniture before guests arrive, add a few throw pillows just as you would your indoor seating to give them a more welcoming and party-ready look.

Chair – What is wonderful about white and neutral outdoor furniture like the set in the inspiration photo, is that it can serve as a blank canvas for any party theme you dream up.

*Inspiration photo via Elle Decor