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Hands Down, These Are the 12 Prettiest Pantries on Pinterest

Perfectly appointed.

By Jenn Rose Smith

When I picture my dream home (which I often do), I spend a little time designing the bathrooms, decking out the bedroom in my favorite luxurious sheets, and planting an abundant garden in my head. But where I exert most of my imaginative energy? The kitchen, of course. And to get specific, I’m centering in on the pantry. As an obsessive home cook, I want to make sure my space puts all of my go-to ingredients at the ready and that I don’t have to spend forever hunting down my favorite snacks (because, cravings). That’s why I did a Pinterest deep-dive and rounded up my favorite pretty pantries that are giving me all the organized and highly-aestheticized vibes.

One of the best things about the years we spent working from Camille’s home was having access to her perfectly appointed pantry. An average workday provided me with many opportunities—assuming the coast was clear—to dash in and grab handfuls of chocolate chips, goldfish crackers, and all sorts of raw ingredients. These assorted treats were stored, of course, in matching mason jars.

Hopefully, Phoebe and Henry were never falsely accused of my crimes, as the chocolate chip supply slowly dwindled throughout the week. Now our team is all grown up with pantries of our own to keep stocked. While most of us will never reach Camille’s level of pantry feng shui, a little inspiration never hurts.

Scroll through for 12 of the prettiest pantry designs we found on Pinterest. (Sneak in while no one’s looking.)

Feature image by Ashleigh Amoroso.

pretty pantries
Image by @amanda100lc

An Amateur Preserver’s Dream

Why We Love It: Aesthetically-pleasing Mason jars, for the win. not only is this set-up totally practical, but it also gorgeously displays your entire array of pickled, preserved, and dried goods for easy access. Curating varied sizes creates visual interest and, of course, convenience.

pretty pantries
Image by The Home Edit

The Perfectionist Pantry

Why We Love It: When everything in my house has its own home, I breathe a deep and grateful sigh of relief. The combo of clear and acrylic containers labeled with white marker lets you know where everything is at all times. Peace of mind, guaranteed.

Modern Warmth

Why We Love It: When your dinnerware is this clean and streamlined, you’ll want to show it off. We can’t get enough of the warm wood’s cozy vibes set against the dark and dramatic paint trim. It’s both sleek and contemporary while also throwing a little hygge into the mix for good measure.

tips for designing your pantry
Image by Studio McGee

The Nancy Meyers Kitchen

Why We Love It: Take a moment and imagine you’re cooking alongside your favorite Nancy Meyer’s movie cast (I’ll take Jude Law in The Holiday or Keanu Reeves in Something’s Gotta Give, thank you). A soft, but lively jazz playlist is filling the space and tea lights are strategically scattered throughout. That’s right—this is the kind of pantry that makes dreams come true.

Maxed-Out Minimalism

Why We Love It: The color and organization of this pantry make me think minimalist, but the impact is anything but subtle. I can’t even imagine how satisfying it must be to pull out one of the drawers and unveil a perfectly put-together drawer of dried goods.


Why We Love It: Imagine going to your favorite French bistro for dinner, and the chef invites you into the kitchen for a tour of their well-stocked, beautifully-designed pantry. This is that pantry.

Scandinavian Chic

Why We Love It: When it comes to design, our northern neighbors can do no wrong. Matching lids across a varied range of jars in different sizes and heights keeps things grounded while still creating visual interest. I also love the use of simple baskets to keep like items together—for both organizational purposes and to satisfy my design eye.

Wild and Whimsical

Why We Love It: I’m not someone who will go all in on wallpaper across an entire room, but I do love pops of pattern thoughtfully thrown in here and there. This small, aesthetic add-on will bring you joy every time you go looking for an ingredient.

The Parisian Pâtisserie

Why We Love It: If you want to feel like you’re waking up to your favorite Parisian café every time you step into your kitchen, here you go. The glass apothecary jars and fluted pieces make it so you can practically smell the pain au chocolat.

pretty pantries
Image by photo by Home Edit

Modern Magic

Why We Love It: Sure, subway tile had its moment a few years back, but there’s nothing stopping my love affair with the timeless trend from making its way into the pantry of my dreams. This backsplash is the perfect neutral foundation for natural pops of color (a little citrus can go a long way!) and woven, boho textures.

pretty pantries
Image by Green Mama

Farmhouse Feel

Why We Love It: While my aesthetic is admittedly more of a minimalist-gal-in-the-city vibe, dark and moody farmhouses have a way of stealing my heart. The eclectic array of not-so-perfect vintage vessels and kitchen tools is undeniably charming, and the sheer abundance of it all is enough to make you smile.

pretty pantries
Image by Remodelista

Light & Bright

Why We Love It: White shelves + white counters + white walls = my love language. This pantry keeps things clean and simple—just the way I like it. Stress-free kitchen fun awaits.

This post was published on November 13, 2019, and has since been updated.