Artist and designer Page Gregory Matthews has her hands full these days. Between her jewelry line and her artwork, plus wrapping up a home renovation, the creative has a lot of things on her plate. Acting her age, however, isn’t one of them.

At just 27, the Houston native is making a name for herself in her hometown as one to watch, with a sophisticated style befitting a designer with a decade (or two) more of experience under her belt.

Nowhere is Page’s refined taste more so on display than in her gallery-like Briargrove home, which the artist recently renovated with the goal of creating a space that lets her artwork and antiques shine. From the heirloom to the handmade, Page’s curated collection does just that. Read on for our favorite moments from this inspiring and inviting home.

Your home reminds us of the kind of house we might have grown up in, only really chic. Tell us about it.

Our home is in the middle of Briargrove, a neighborhood in Houston that almost seems too good to be true! We have lived here for two and a half years but only finished renovating about a year ago (it has been a slow labor of love!). We looked at a few other houses in the neighborhood, but the second I stepped into the entry way I immediately knew it was the perfect place for us. I could instantly envision all of our furniture and artwork fitting perfectly into place. The selling point for me was the wooden panelling in the family room that looked identical to that of my childhood home. The selling point for my husband, naturally, was the seventeen closets! While house hunting, we affectionally referred to it as “the closet house” and it soon became the place that we compared everything else to. No other home even came close.

Seventeen closets. Wow. What would you say is your favorite spot in the house?

The view from the formal living room. I can see my favorite piece of artwork, the boxwoods on the front porch, and a view of the dining room. I love to sit on my favorite chair, prop my feet up, drink coffee, and soak in how happy our home makes me!

What was the design inspiration for this house?

Our home was designed to be a monochromatic space to showcase all of the artwork and unique pieces that were passed on to us by family. My grandparent’s french doors, our large antique mirrors, unique side chairs, and most of our artwork are all special to us and needed a place where they could shine. I wanted to create a space where our family and friends could walk in and immediately feel relaxed. My grandmother has amazing taste and has always been my biggest design inspiration! I definitely put my own French-transitional spin onto her contemporary taste, but the feeling you get when walking into one of her homes is one I try to emulate.

We’re amazed at how well you managed to keep your neutral palette interesting and inviting. Any tips for choosing a color palette for your space?

Decide which you want to speak louder: The house or its contents. Make sure you choose a palette that will always compliment your one of a kind pieces.

Describe your home in 5 words or less:

Inviting, cohesive, and calming.

You mentioned a lengthy renovation process. Sounds all too familiar! What did that look like for you?

When we purchased the house it needed a lot of love (and entirely new pipes) but it had amazing bones! We saw the potential and, instead of tearing it down, decided to keep the integrity of the house by leaving the layout, woodwork, and room openings the same. We did a white brick slurry to give the house a fresh look, gutted both bathrooms and the kitchen, changed every light fixture, laid wall to wall seagrass, and painted every square inch of the house Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore (if I could marry a paint color, I would). When making renovation decisions we were mindful of our end goal: making the house feel larger and more cohesive. After months of digital renderings, trips to Floor & Decor and Home Depot, and with the help of our amazing contractor, the “closet house” became our home.

What advice would you give someone embarking on a similar renovation project?

Have patience, budget well, and stay true to your original design goals.

What’s your favorite way to spend time at home?

Entertaining friends! Nothing makes me happier than having a house full of people that I love. The kitchen and family room are where people always gather, no matter the occasion or event.

Did you face any big design challenges for the space?

I wanted to put my own stamp on our house while still staying true to the very traditional style of the neighborhood. It was much harder than I thought it would be! I had to compromise a few big design decisions, but I love how it turned out. Our home is fresh and light but still fits in with the traditional houses in Briargrove.

We agree, you totally nailed it. Do you have a number one interior design tip you always return to?

Stay true to your style and your house will always be unique and feel like home.

What are some of your favorite design resources? Where do you find inspiration?

Pinterest, Instagram, and boutique hotels! My style has definitely been shaped by a few amazing hotels – I love picking up ideas on how to make a space feel put together and comfortable (Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, Italy should be on every designer’s bucket list).

And where do you shop for furniture and decor?

Antique Week in Round Top, Texas is the best place to find one of a kind pieces (The Arbors, Market Hill, and Northgate in Warrenton are my favorite fields to shop). I’ve been going twice a year since I was born and have had my own space to showcase my artwork at The Arbors for the past ten Round Top seasons. Lam Bespoke for all things furniture and upholstery, Area for unique one of a kind interior pieces, and Renovate for all other home accessories.

Fill in the blank: A well-designed home should _______.

make anyone who walks in the door feel inspired and comfortable.

We love the soft colors and serene landscapes found in your art. What inspires your paintings?

I have been professionally creating art for five years now and have fallen in love with its therapeutic process. I love working on commissioned pieces just as much as I love creating my own series of artwork. I am inspired by all things nature — Places I travel and landscapes that I see are stuck in my head until I paint them on a canvas.

The art collection in your home is stunning as well! Any tips for choosing the right piece for your space?

The artwork that you place in your home makes a huge impact on how guests feel in the space. I have always been a believer that art should both compliment and add value to your home. Pick something that will speak to you and your family for generations to come.

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