Victoria & Lucy

By Chanel Dror

victoria smith and lucy

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Victoria Smith of sfgirlbybay in person, but I swear it feels like we’re best friends. Not only was she one of the first bloggers I discovered when I entered this crazy world, but since then, she’s continued to delight readers with her modern bohemian style, her colorful point-of-view, and last year, her home-run authorial debut, See San Francisco. Well, you know what they say… behind every great woman, there’s a great dog. And if Lucy is the muse responsible for even a fraction of Victoria’s creative genius, we figured it was due time to pay her some respect…

victoria smith's dog, lucy

Your name: Victoria Smith, Publisher

Your dog’s name, breed and age: Lucy, 7 years-old; mixed breed Catalan sheepdog mix

  1. How did Lucy come into your life? A rescue organization called Northern California Family Dog Rescue posted a photo of her on Facebook so I went to meet her. She was already spoken for, but I wanted to meet her anyway. Then the woman who was coming to pick Lucy up had a change of heart, so I ended up bringing her home with me. Happiest day ever!
  2. Your favorite thing about your dog: She’s kind of scrappy but with a heart of gold, and too smart for her own good. And every single morning at 7:15am she jumps up on the bed to cuddle with me before we go out for her walk.
  3. Your favorite thing to do together: We hike in Elysian Park every morning – it’s beautiful with great trails and views of downtown L.A. We can walk there from my house, so it’s perfect.
  4. What’s the funniest thing Lucy does: When she fetches a stick she doesn’t just bring it back, she leaps in the air and dances around with it for a while, prancing and running around in mad circles to show off. It never fails to make me (and passersby) laugh.
  5. And the naughtiest thing she has ever done? When I was out, she jumped the fence at my house shortly after we moved here during a bad thunderstorm and ran all the way to the coffee shop four blocks away. Presumably to look for me because we go there a lot, which is pretty smart, but it scared me to death. Thankfully they kept her safe and left a note on my front door for me that she was there chilling with them.
  6. If Lucy were a person, living or dead, who would she be and why? She looks a lot like Einstein. Her hair is bright white and kind of crazy, and she has light blue eyes, so I’ll go with Einstein.

*photos by Laure Joliet