Wax Dipped Flowers

By Carmen Collins
Easy Halloween DIY: Wax Dipped Flowers

Did y’all catch the black-on-black Halloween dinner party we threw last week? Our tablescape was packed with candelabras, vintage books, creepy photos, and old apothecary jars. Wanting to stay on theme with our spooky vibe, I coated traditional red roses with black wax to create a gorgeous Halloween dinner party favor. Today, I’m showing you how to recreate this project by making an eerie floral centerpiece. This DIY is simple enough to create on the day of your party and you only need to purchase three items – wax chips, black wax dye, and a half dozen red roses. Read on for the full tutorial!

*photography by Laura Alexandra


Start by filling a small pot with water about halfway full. Place on the stovetop and turn on medium heat. Next, fill a tin can with wax chips and set inside the small pot. You can use a double boiler for this project, but since the wax tends to get a little sticky, I recommend using disposable products that you can toss after you’re finished.

Occasionally stir the wax chips with a popsicle stick as they start to heat up and melt. Add more wax chips as the wax melts. You want your tin can to be about 75% full of melted wax. Once the wax is fully melted, turn down the stovetop heat to low. Add in a few drops of black wax dye and stir. Three to five drops should do the trick.

Carefully dip your flower upside down in the wax, fully submerging it. I recommended choosing a flower with a sturdy stem for best results. Remove the flower from the wax and place in a bottle to dry. Place parchment paper underneath the bottle to catch any drips that may fall while the flower is drying. Repeat this process with the rest of your flowers.

Let the wax coated flower fully dry and then re-dip as needed to reach the color you are looking for.

I dipped mine three times for a sheer black look.

Place in a pretty vase for a moody, Halloween arrangement…


… or place at each setting for a creepy halloween dinner table!

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