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We’re Obsessed With These Affordable Fine Art Pieces

You need them in your space.

By Chanel Dror

Similar to purchasing a rug for your space, finding artwork for your home tends to be the kind of thing that most home decorators find extremely challenging. And as a result, though wall art tends to be the finishing touch needed to complete a space, it winds up neglected altogether.

The common belief is that you have two options when purchasing art: beautiful original pieces at price points most can’t afford, and low quality stock art that screams “cheap.” Given the choice, we choose neither.

We’ve been fans of Minted‘s stationery and art prints for years, but as they’ve continued to expand their inventory, we’ve been amazed as season after season, they’ve unveiled an ever impressive crop of original artwork by emerging artists. Browsing the new 2019 Fine Art collection, we fell in love with countless pieces, and instantly began imagining ways to incorporate them into our spaces. Turns out, there’s a piece on offer for just about any interiors style, and to prove it, we set out to recreate the looks of some of our favorite art-filled spaces using artwork found on Minted. Without further ado…

scott parks' dallas bedroom

Create a moody, calming focal point above the bed like in Scott Parks’s Dallas bedroom, with…

beautiful artwork from minted

the “River Kids” limited edition print by Hello Sophie Design Lab, in a crisp white frame.

chanel dror's guest house

Take a cue from my guest house in Austin with a few small pieces of graphic art, like…

black and white graphic art from minted

“Bold Pathways” by Ilana Greenberg in inverse black & white color schemes…

black and white graphic art from minted watercolor art from minted

and “Softly Layered” by Melanie Severin, in a natural wood frame.

kim west's living room

We love the color and pattern that fills Kim West’s home. Now you can add a punch of deep blue to your own living room with…

amazing photography from minted

“Window On The World” by Kelsey Mucci.

eclectic australian living room

Want to get the laid back, eclectic look of Alex McCabe’s den? Look no further than…

amazing artwork from minted

“Into the Mist III” in a black black frame, and…
amazing artwork from minted

“Emerald Gems” by Yao Cheng Design.

ann edgerton's minimalist bedroom

Crisp and minimal is the M.O. in Ann Edgerton’s minimalist bedroom, with simple line drawings similar to…

minimalist artwork from minted

“Still-life with Four Pears” with a white border, and…

minimalist artwork from minted

“Cactus Line Drawing” by Amanda Phelps, in a natural wood frame.

cool malibu master bath

Ashley Merrill’s master bath in Malibu is the definition of modern serenity. You can recreate the look with…

beautiful ocean beach photography from minted

“Cayucos Soft Waves” photo print by Lisa Sundin.

kate zimmerman turpin's sunday house in hunt, tx

Kate Zimmerman’s Sunday House great room boasts an amazing piece of her original artwork, but you can get the look in your own home with…

amazing mixed media artwork from minted

“Drop the Ball” by Keren Toledano, and…

amazing painting from minted

“Mystical 1” by Amy Hall, in a matte black frame.