Do you know the difference between your canes and rattans? Your wickers and bamboos? Even if the answer is no, odds are that you have examples of at least one of the above in your own home.

In today’s design landscape, something about woven furniture captures the exact balance of earthy and modern that so many of us try to achieve — the perfect textural addition to a space rooted in neutrals.

If you’re a vintage lover, you’re in luck. The 70’s were great for woven furniture, and it’s not hard to come across pieces in excellent condition at affordable prices from that era. If you’re looking for those same natural materials but in updated silhouettes (recreating the set of Golden Girls is not the goal,) modern day retailers have a lot — and we mean a lot — for you to choose from. It’s a lot to sort through, so today we’ve rounded up the very best woven furniture for every room in your house.

featured image by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

photo from Atelier Vime

Dining Chairs

photo by Teal Thomsen

Accent Chairs

photo by Molly Culver via Claire Zinnecker

Bed Frames and Headboards

photo by Molly Culver

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

photo from Urban Outfitters


photo by Molly Culver


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