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Planning This Year’s Family Halloween Costume? Here Are 8 Genius Ideas to Try

Scarily sweet.

By Brandy Joy Smith
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Growing up, my mom went all out on Halloween–it was her favorite holiday. Our garage was converted into a spooky Halloween house, and you better believe mom was going to try and scare the big kids and the adults, too. Growing up, most times we made our family Halloween costume from scratch. If there wasn’t enough time, we tried to use items we already had or could wear again. What I love about Halloween is the opportunity to do something together as a family, even if that means heading to the store to purchase outfits. So, if you’re looking for family Halloween costume ideas this year, you’ve come to the right place. 

I’ve always loved to personalize store-bought costumes by switching out a few pieces for something you have in your closet or forgoing the wig to do your own hair and make-up. There are so many easy little tweaks that can make your costume feel more unique. Now, I know not everyone wants to DIY their costumes, especially if you have a large family, so I tried to include a little something for everyone in this list. From store-bought all-in-one costumes to things you might wear again in your everyday life (or just busting out the hot glue gun), you’ll find links to each and every piece you’ll need to complete the family Halloween look. So, keep reading for some fun family Halloween costume ideas to replicate this year.

Cinderella and Prince Charming


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Bibbidi, bobbidi, boo! This Cinderella costume is so adorable and pretty easy to put together without much sewing and glue gunning. For this family Halloween costume, you might even have some pieces in your current wardrobe that you can use! 

Prince Charming: 
Costume and boots

GusGus (Mouse): 
Ears, shirt, and shoes

Skirt, headband, top, gloves, and shoes

A Weather System


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This family Halloween costume is perfect for fun and whimsical families who live in a warmer climate. However, this costume will entail a little creativity and hot glue. All you’ll need is some colorful craft paper, scissors, and a glue gun to create clouds, raindrops, a sun headband, and a rainbow!

Dress, shoes, glasses, and hat/headband

Outfit, jacket, and umbrella

Romper, and shoes

Tiger King


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Who remembers bingeing this at the beginning of lockdown?! Bring back those weird times with this family Halloween costume inspired by Carol Baskin and the Tiger King. Your little cubs will look so adorable running around with whiskers and tails! 

Shirt Dress, and floral crown

Joe Exotic:
Shirt, Wig, and pants




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I don’t know about you, but Moana has been on repeat in my house for what seems like years. Luckily, it’s such a cute movie that I don’t mind. This Halloween costume is perfect for families in warm climates, and could also be put together with items from home, too.

Skirt, top, necklace


Head/Tail, leggings, onesie

Hocus Pocus

Who doesn’t love a throwback?! I remember watching Hocus Pocus every year around Halloween. During the weeks leading up to we’d carve pumpkins, watch scary movies, decorate the garage, and of course start to build our family Halloween costumes. This Hocus Pocus family Halloween costume is a mix of using items you probably already have, and grabbing some pieces from the store. 


Kids cloak and boots

Baby tights and dress



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Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! I absolutely love this family Halloween costume, because it’s instantly recognizable. Not to mention these jumpsuits are so chic right now, you could totally re-wear them.

Women’s, men’s, kid’s

Patches, “Stay Puft” baby costume, backpack

*Adorne the entire family in matching Dr. Martens

S’mores Ingredients


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How sweet is this? (pun intended!) I love the creativity of this family Halloween costume. I mean, who doesn’t love s’mores?!

Dress and shoes

Sunglasses, hat, pillows, and unitard

Graham Cracker
Beanie, overall shorts, sneakers



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A superfamily calls for superheroes! This family Halloween costume is definitely for the last-minute crew as all of it can be purchased with minimal scrambling for extra items. 

Batman, Wonderwoman, Spiderman

Pants, tank top, headpiece, boots

What will be your family Halloween costume this year? Give us some hints below.