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This Might Be the Healthiest Brunch Ever

By Camille Styles
Bright brunch featuring kimchi and lots of other yummy fermented foods!

Have y’all noticed that all things pickled, fermented, and probiotic are having a major moment lately? And for good reason: there’s no better way to feed your gut all the good bacteria that keeps it healthy than to consume these types of enzyme-rich foods on a daily basis. A couple weeks ago, a few of my besties and I attended the most delicious brunch at the home of Martha Pincoffs, president of Hat Creek Provisions and creator of some of the most delicious fermented fare I’ve ever tasted. I immediately fell in love with Martha’s warm and welcoming style of hosting, and she happens to be a damn good cook, too. Click through for her secrets to throwing a laid-back weekend brunch, plus her incredible recipes that feature fermented foods at their very best.

*photos by kate zimmerman

What was the inspiration behind hosting a fermentation brunch?

I think that fermentation can be a little intimidating. So, I saw the brunch as a way to showcase the funky food with a really approachable menu. Plus, brunch is my favorite meal to make, so given the chance, I’ll always go for brunch.

Martha hand-picked these summer wildflowers to create an easy, colorful centerpiece.

Why should we incorporate fermented foods into our diets?

Fermentation is pre- and probiotic. This means that the live cultures on the veggies get supercharged in the fermentation process and help you to digest what you eat. They make your gut function more efficiently, help your body absorb more vitamins, and have even been credited with reduction in depression and anxiety. I eat something fermented with every meal and as a snack.

Tell us about how you created the overall menu for this brunch.

I wanted to have a set up that could accommodate all sorts of preferences and restrictions, so first I set up an avocado toast bar. From there, I encouraged everyone to “choose your own adventure”. My intention was for everyone to be able to create their own perfect bite of food, so I put the elements in place and made sure they were the best quality I could get my hands on – and then I got out of the way!

What’s the story behind Hat Creek Provisions?

Hat Creek Provisions started when Tim and Adam of Strangeland Brewery and Drew Gressett of Hat Creek Burgers set out to make the best pickle in the world. After countless batches of pickles, they landed on Adam’s grandmother’s method of fermentation. The pickles were such a hit they decided to ferment anything they could get their hands on, and so was born the line of Hat Creek Provisions. They reached out to me when they wanted to bring the line to market and I have been a convert to fermentation since day one!

Check out the easy-to-follow recipe for Martha’s delicious kimchi frittata here!

Any tips for creating the perfect avocado toast bar?

An assortment of breads, like sourdough and seed bread. Smashed avocado with lemon and salt. Kimchi or sauerkraut from Hat Creek Provisions. Bacon. Cheese. Arugula.

I always have a big bowl of greens for people that are trying to stay away from bread.

What do you always have in your refrigerator?

Kosmic Kombucha and Chameleon Coldbrew.

Some of our favorite fermented foods from Hat Creek Provisions.

Aside from the delicious recipes we ate at the brunch, what other ways do you like to use fermented foods?

I always go for a pickle or carrot for an afternoon pick me up. I cannot even eat eggs without sauerkraut anymore and my favorite trick is that I drink the brine. I will add it to a Topo Chico or even just take a shot of it. It is an excellent hangover cure and great at fighting off a cold. Lemon, ginger, carrot, and cucumber are my favorite brines.

What’s your must-have entertaining tool?

A good playlist.

Best secret for hosting a great dinner party?

Being a relaxed host sets the tone for everything that follows.

You’ll die for Martha’s yummy griddled peaches with honey goat cheese and Texas summer syrup recipe!

Describe your entertaining style in five words or less.

Joyful, relaxed, quality, bright, fun.