Fun Isn’t Cancelled: How to Celebrate Halloween (Safely) This Year

Happy Quarantine-O-Ween.

By Anne Campbell
Games_how to approach Halloween candy with kids

My top four favorite things about Halloween:

  1. Finding the perfect kids costume online without having to break out the sewing machine (thank you, Etsy.)
  2. Sneaking into the kids’ Reese’s pumpkin stash when they’ve finally passed out.
  3. Red wine togo cups (plus backup supply in the stroller pocket).
  4. Connecting with neighbors who I may only speak with this one night each year.

For many of us parents, Halloween is the one night of the year when we loosen the house rules and allow the kids to trade their healthy habits for some let-the-wheels-come-off indulgences. The candy and treats they accumulate not only lead to a decent bedtime once the sugar rush gives way to a Twix-induced pass out, but the leftover loot also becomes a tried and true bargaining chip in the days to come. It’s amazing what the promise of a couple of gummy bears and a bag of M&M’s can do to persuade your kids to get their chores completed at warp speed.

So what happens when the “we” is removed from Halloween? After the CDC alerted the public to the hazards of trick-or-treating this year, we were reminded that our standard holiday ways are going to require a serious shift.

Does this reality check make for some boos? Of course. Is it hard to comprehend that our kids have been wearing masks for months, instead of planning for the typical calendar day when masks and face coverings were meant to be worn? You’ve got that right. But instead of bemoaning our lack of normalcy this year, we conjured up our creative spirits to think up new ways to persuade your kids that they can play it safe, but still have a ghoul old time. 

halloween front porch

Boo-Dazzle Your Home

This is not the year to stand on the sidelines and scatter a few measly grocery store pumpkins on your front porch. Instead, go all out and up your game with decor galore

Easy Homemade Caramel Corn

Flick At Night

Find your local drive-in cinema, don your most festive attire, whip up a batch of super easy-to-make caramel popcorn, and settle into the seats for some monster-themed movies. 

White Widow // Halloween Cocktails

Chills and Spills

If cuddling up together is more your speed, opt for a Halloween movie night – minus the guests. Kick it cozy-style with hot chocolate for the kiddos while mom and dad sip the boozy stuff.

Monster Halloween Favor Bags

Wrap Like a Mummy

Instead of handing out candy this year, consider stuffing individual bags with candy and placing them on your front porch, allowing kids to have all the fun of Halloween and still keep appropriate social distances. Put a sign up to indicate that only one bag is meant for each person. 

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Known to binge the Halloween candy before the trick-or-treating has even begun? How about some homemade pumpkin coffee cake instead? We’ve rounded up our fave pumpkin recipes here. Mmm. 

You’ve Got Ghoul Game

So you’re not attending your favorite yearly murder mystery party this Halloween. Recreate the scene with your quaran-team and break out an old fashioned game of Clue. Other fun options like Halloween bingo and mummy bowling make for ghoulish games for people of all ages.

"kitchen sink" halloween chocolate bark

Trick Or Trick Yo’Self

Tootsie Pops and Junior Mints, yawn. Ditch the old school candy and create a nouveau concoction that both adults and kids will love, like this halloween bark or healthy caramel apples.


Thrills & Chills

Turn up the tunes and learn the moves to one of the most iconic music videos of all time for a great bonding experience. 

Light Up the Night

Build a bonfire in your backyard, roast marshmallows, and spin tall tales of haunted houses and bewitching spells.

Skull Cascarones DIY | Day of the Dead, Halloween Party Ideas

Honor Your Loved Ones

2020 has been a time of reflection, and what better way to do that with celebrating your close friends and family who have come before you. In observance of Dia de Los Muertos, try playing games of loteria, decorating sugar skulls, creating homemade ofrendas and serving up margaritas, carnitas tacos, and Mexican street corn