Camille Styles

Your Guide to Throwing an Impromptu Dinner Party

August 6th, 2018

Would you guys believe me if I told you I’ve never hosted a dinner party? Well, I haven’t. At least, not in the traditional sense. Sure, I’ve had friends over to eat… a lot… but the whole invitation-only-menu-planning-table-scaping deal? It’s never really been my thing. It could just be me holding onto my youth — you know, when friends sort of came and went, and there was never any real need to “plan” something. I’ve always loved how comforting and homey that felt, and to me, planning a seated dinner weeks in advance has always felt, well, the opposite of that. As a result, my entertaining style has evolved (or not evolved) into something more improvisational, and my “dinner parties” are a lot more spontaneous. Does that sound stressful to you? It shouldn’t! The process of throwing an impromptu dinner party is quite laid back, and is really more of a mental shift than anything else. Here’s how it’s done.

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