How to Host a Spring Mixology Party

By Jessi Afshin
the pink lady cocktail

From their customizable notebooks to their eye catching stationery, the Austin-based May Designs team knows how to use color and pattern to turn something ordinary into a party-on-paper. With that in mind, we knew we could count on the creative bunch to show us how to host a team-building gathering that’s anything but ice-breakers and trust falls. Their idea of a “work break”? A weekly cocktail class taught by their CTO and resident cocktail expert, Jason. Colorful, floral and totally mouthwatering, there’s no better way to combat this winter weather than by looking to spring and seeing how the May Designs team shakes things up. Click through for bartending tips, must-make recipes and gorgeous eye candy…

photography by Jessica Taylor

The team kicked off the cocktail class with the aptly named Pink Lady. Served in these darling wide coupe glasses and garnished with a lemon twist, we can’t think of a better way to indulge in this gin, applejack and grenadine mixture.

*Get the Pink Lady cocktail recipe here

Jason’s mixology tip:

Egg whites add a nice, foamy texture to the cocktail and give it body, like with the delicious Pink Lady. In order to properly mix a cocktail with eggs and fully integrate the egg into the mix, it’s often best to do a dry shake first (no ice) followed by a wet shake (with ice).

When it comes to diligent note-taking, this team knows how to do it in style. The students recorded all the details in their May Designs notebooks for later reference.

*macarons by delish 

Jason suggested chilling your serving glasses with ice water while you’re making the cocktails. When you’re ready to serve, empty the glasses and they’ll be perfectly chilled and ready for your drink.

It’s not cocktail hour without a touch of colorful garnish! Look to classic options like lemon and berries, or an unexpected embellishment like real flower petals.

Next on the menu was the Jalisco Flower cocktail, which looks and tastes like springtime in a glass. This one was served in a champagne flute, but since the servings were a bit larger, could also have been in a Collins (aka Highball) glass as well. Top with pansies or another type of edible flower to add a colorful garnish.

*Get the Jalisco Flower cocktail recipe here

The May Designs team incorporated their colorful coasters into the workshop… don’t they add the perfect hint of pattern to the table?

Last but not least, the brilliantly-hued Aviation cocktail was was a floral and sweet finish. Serve this one up in a Marie Antoinette glass (also known as a coupe glass) — ideal for any cocktail that’s been shaken or stirred, and served without ice.

*Get The Aviation cocktail recipe here

Bottoms up! Click here to download the May Designs recipe card containing all three recipes, and be sure to pop on over to May Designs for more colorful design inspiration.

*photography by Jessica Taylor

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