Styld.By: Winter Lunch Date

By Camille Styles

GAP Pink Boucle Boatneck Sweater*photos by Jessica Pages

Sometimes it’s sooo hard to get motivated to put on a cute outfit when it’s freezing outside, but don’t you end up feeling so much better when you take the time to don a thoughtful layered look (rather than piling on some bulky pieces that may provide warmth, but don’t score very many style points?) For our latest look with Gap, I decided to ditch the black and grey that I’ve been wearing for most of the winter, instead embracing a softer palette of blush, camel and cream inspired by this cozy pink bouclé boatneck sweater. The final look was an instant mood-booster on a grey winter’s day. GAP Pink Boucle Boatneck Sweater GAP Pink Boucle Boatneck SweaterI loved wearing this outfit to a casual lunch date with girl friends at one of my favorite Austin spots, Hillside Pharmacy (don’t miss the kale caesar!The sweater’s blush tones were a natural complement to pieces in just about any shade of white, cream, camel, and pink… just stick to all light shades from head-to-toe for an overall bright and airy look that combats winter’s chill. GAP Pink Boucle Boatneck SweaterAnd a couple quick notes on accessories: I think this is officially the year of the beanie! The other day, 3 out of 4 girl in our office all showed up wearing one, and it’s my current favorite way to disguise a lazy hair day. GAP Pink Boucle Boatneck SweaterAlso, my scarf was hand-knitted by my mom! I’ve worn it so many times that last winter, she had to re-knit the fringe since it was getting raggedy on the edges. Stay tuned for more details on this Emerson Fry coat that I’ve worn nonstop this season — we have an upcoming post in our Essential Pieces series that’s dedicated to finding your perfect camel coat.GAP Pink Boucle Boatneck SweaterAnd for loads more outfit inspiration, be sure to checkout Gap’s site for some amazing looks worn by creative people around the globe. Happy first week of the new year — let’s make it a great one!