Are you guys in the Valentine’s Day mood yet? Or are you still wishing friends and family a “Happy New Year”? Until just a few days ago, I was definitely the latter, but making this Valentine’s Day flip book quickly had me singing a different tune. That’s right, love is in the air, and since this is without question my favorite holiday to craft for (see all our fun past projects!), we’re kicking things off with this DIY that brings still photos to life. Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions…

  1. Photograph the action. I recommend using a tripod to ensure stability, and to ensure that your frame remains consistent through all the photos. Set your camera to “Continuous Shooting Mode” or “Burst Mode,” then let it fire away as the subject does the action. This may take a few takes, so don’t be discouraged! See this general guide for shooting in Continuous Mode, but since each camera is different, be sure to seek out instructions for your specific model.
  2. Print your slides. If you have between 30-50 individual photos, print one copy of each. If you have between 15-25 individual photos, print two copies of each. Cut out photos with a paper cutter.
  3. Arrange photos in your desired order. If you printed two copies, you have the option to double up on each slide, or stack the copies so that your action loops twice.
  4. Enjoy your flip book. You have the option to secure with a small binder clip, or just hold tight with your fingertips and flip through the slides. Notice any slides that get caught because they’re just a hair too big? Use a paper cutter to trim down to make your stack of slides as precise as possible.


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Chanel Dror