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9 Tips for Hosting a Large Party Without the Dreaded Clean Up

July 31st, 2018

Summer is the time when we all seem to effortlessly master the ‘day to night’ look. With spontaneous parties starting poolside in the afternoon and ending late-night stargazing on the back patio, there’s something in the summer air that makes me want to let my hair down, pour another glass of wine, and dance the night away (even though I probably said I was leaving the party hours ago.) Longer days mean longer parties, and unfortunately, longer clean up duties when it’s all said and done. And nothing can kill your post-party buzz quicker than a sink full of dirty dishes, a yard covered in trash, and mystery stains on the living room carpet. We’ve thrown enough parties to figure this out the hard way, and have luckily picked up some tricks that help keep the cleaning to a bare minimum.

It is possible to throw an all-star party and not hate yourself (and your guests…) in the aftermath. The next time you’re on hosting duty, consider making these smart tweaks to your party plan—you’ll thank yourself when the pineapple punch starts punching back the next morning. 

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  1. Julia Q. says:

    Thank you for great organizing ideas. Also if you host a themed party it is good to have plates, napkins, and so on matching the theme. Check for extra ideas. Cheers! 😉

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