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8 Delicious Ways to Use Up Stale Bread

February 19th, 2018

I’ve always had visions of waking up on a Saturday morning and baking a rustic loaf of bread to enjoy all weekend long. For me, it feels like the essence of hygge… but a couple things stood in my way. First, the terminology of breadmaking (ie. yeast and rising and kneading and proofing) felt super intimidating. Second, it requires you to be home for a several hour stretch to perform the various required steps (ie. let the dough rise for an hour, then go back and divide it in two, and let it rise some more, etc etc) and it just never seemed to happen. But guess what! I recently got a copy of the fab cookbook Bread Toast Crumbs by Alexandra Stafford, and her super easy no-knead recipes gave me the push I needed to conquer my fears and start baking bread at home. It’s my new relaxing weekend tradition, and Adam couldn’t be happier to be my taste-tester.

More on that later, but for now, my bread baking tear has left me with a challenge: what to do with that half loaf of stale bread I always end up with? Since homemade bread doesn’t have any preservatives, it’s really only optimally soft for a couple days, so I’ve been getting resourceful and finding some pretty dang delicious ways to use it up. Read on, and let me know in the comments how you turn your day-old bread into carb-lover’s gold.

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  1. Olya says:

    Great tips! I really enjoyed the post! Most of all I liked the toast breadcrumbs for coating, its a win-win for sure! And will definitely try to make the Panzanella for dinner myself, it looks great, I am sure, it tastes great as well 🙂

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