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Vegan Caprese Tartine

May 17th, 2018

“We always have fresh bread in the house and I’m constantly trying to think of new recipes to incorporate it,” says Alexia Brown of Byron and Blue. “Open faced sandwiches and tartines are my new obsession and I love playing around with ingredients. They’re so easy and shareable and can work as a both a meal or a light snack.” See how Alexia and her partner Drew served these tartines in their beautiful backyard party here!

photographed by hannah haston

Alexia Brown and Drew Genitempo at home in Austin, Texas.

Vegan Caprese Tartine

Vegan Caprese Tartine

Vegan Caprese Tartine



Fresh baked bread

Miyoko’s Vegan Mozzarella

Mixed medley cherry tomatoes

Basil leaves

Balsamic reduction

Olive oil


Spread the mozzarella on cooled bread slices, add tomatoes and basil and drizzle balsamic reduction and olive oil.

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