Healthy Chiles Rellenos

By Laura Dominguez
healthy chiles rellenos

Here in Austin, it feels like we just made a beeline straight from winter temps right into bikini weather (Spring? What Spring?) Although this heat-loving south Texas girl doesn’t mind the quick transition, as I shop for my new swimsuit in March, I’m reminded that it’s time to spring clean my diet a bit. When you come from a Hispanic family and your favorite dishes include tacos and enchiladas, you don’t want to give up great taste in the name of wellness…thankfully today’s chiles rellenos include a healthy dose of both. If you aren’t familiar with the dish, chiles rellenos are typically cheesy stuffed green peppers that are breaded and fried. Not exactly the lightest option out there, so I was determined to get in the kitchen and do a little experimenting until I mastered the perfect twist on this Mexican classic that satisfies my cravings, no greasiness in sight.

*photography by ashleigh amoroso 

This dish isn’t typically vegetarian, so although I chose to keep it veggie-centric, you could easily add shredded chicken or ground beef to yours. I will say though that with all of the flavors going on, you definitely don’t feel like you’re missing out.


Poblano peppers are one of the more mild peppers out there, especially when the seeds are removed. Although I love a little spice, this dish is safe for those who don’t.

I’ve found it to be most convenient to leave the stems on when preparing these since it helps keep the pepper together once it’s cut and stuffed, and also doubles as a handle when serving. Win-win!

Staying authentic to the traditional dish, I served these in a hearty tomato sauce that I think really ties everything together.

Once served, I like to top mine with a drizzle of crema and a squeeze of lime juice. ¡Buen provecho! (That’s about the full extent of my Spanish skills.)

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