Join Us for the 2017 CS Cleanse!

By Camille Styles
the camille styles cleanse 2017

the camille styles cleanse 2017

Click here for the 2017 #CSCleanse Menu, Recipes, & Shopping List! 

Last year’s inaugural CS Cleanse was such a hit that I’ve had friends asking me on a near-weekly basis when we’ll be doing another one. Well, the time has come! This season always makes us want to lighten things up a bit, and there’s nothing like a week of clean eating to put a spring in our step and push the reset button on our diets. We are so excited for y’all to mark your calendars for May 20th – May 26th, when we’ll be kicking off seven days of simple, delicious, healthy meals — and of course, we’ll be sharing all the breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes (with shopping lists) right here to make planning a breeze.

Similar to last year’s cleanse, this is not a hardcore regimen. It’s not a juice cleanse, doesn’t involve major deprivation, and the focus is on nourishing your body with good-for-you ingredients that will make you feel amazing. It involves some general rules (listed below) that’ll help you feel your very best and kick those cravings to the curb that tend to leave us feeling icky. And at the end of the seven days, you’ll find Memorial Day weekend on the other side, with full license to raise your frozen margarita to the fact that you did it!

recipe for the healthiest weeknight dinner

These are the rules of the CS Cleanse 2017:

  1. Processed foods, refined sugar, and gluten are out.
  2. Healthy meat and seafood can be consumed moderately, usually at dinner.
  3. Vegetables, in-season fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy grains, and avocados to be consumed in abundance.
  4. Have 1 cup of coffee in the morning if you’d like — max.
  5. Enjoy up to 3 glasses of wine spread throughout the week. But not on the same night.
  6. Practice the Japanese tradition of hara hachi bu, meaning: Eat until you are 80 percent full. This will involve making a conscious effort to eat slowly, put your fork down between bites and check-in with yourself to see if you’re still hungry.

We’re keeping the menus super simple and will be providing tons of ideas for using up leftovers — and next week, I’ll even be sharing a video about how I prep on Sunday night for the week ahead. Stay tuned for all the details — we’ll be announcing your week’s worth of recipes and your grocery list next Monday so you’ll have a week to get prepped before May 20th!

For those of you who participated last year, we’d love to hear what you loved, what you didn’t, and if you have any suggestions for us to incorporate into this year’s cleanse! And don’t forget to share your cleanse meals using the #CSCleanse hashtag – we’ll be re-posting our favorites throughout the week!