Take Your Corn on the Cob to the Next Level With These 3 Recipes

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By Rachelle Shuttlesworth

Corn on the cob is a summer staple and, in my opinion, this side dish never gets old: it’s juicy, sweet, and fun to eat.

Whether you’re grilling up burgers on the 4th of July or splurging on lamb chops for date night, grilled corn on the cob is a wonderful (and simple) side fit for any occasion.

Of course, part of the beauty of corn on the cob is that it’s tasty right off the grill, whether undressed or with a smear of butter. But if you’re looking to mix things up, there are plenty of yummy ways to season it! Scroll on for three of our favorite ways to take corn on the cob to the next level.

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Mexican Street Style Inspired Corn on the Cob, from A House in the Hills

Mexican street corn, also known as Elotes, is very popular south-of-the-border as well as here in Austin. Traditionally, the corn is brushed with mayo, cilantro, garlic, and cayenne pepper mixture, then rolled in cotija cheese and sprinkled with chili powder. This recipe is a vegan version of Elotes that uses a cashew and coconut milk-based lime crema for the “mayo” and hemp seeds sprinkled on top. Perfect for those vegan friends you invited to your BBQ!

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Taiwanese Style Grilled Corn, from Milk Street

This recipe calls for two rounds of grilling. In the first, you’ll keep the corn in the husk to keep it as juicy as possible. For round two, the husks should be removed and the corn will be brushed with a sauce made of oyster sauce, vinegar, gochujang, Worcestershire, sesame oil, and cilantro. Once they’re nicely charred, they get a sprinkle of sesame seeds and cilantro. Yum!

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Caribbean Style Corn on the Cob, from Street Smart Kitchen

Caribbean style corn on the cob is similar to Elotes, but with a Caribbean twist! In this recipe you will make your own garlic aioli from scratch (yes, my mouth is watering)! Once you’re done grilling up the corn and you’ve brushed on the aioli, the corn is rolled in a healthy amount of parmesan cheese and sprinkled with paprika.

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