15 Nutritious, Easy, and (Most Importantly) Delicious Vegetable Sheet Pan Recipes

Best of all: leftovers for days!

By Lourdes Avila Uribe
mediterranean sheet pan dinner

Sometimes, (after a weekend of indulgence) all I want is to shovel as many vegetables into my body as humanly possible with the least amount of effort. And while soup often fits this bill, it’s not always what I’m feeling. When this happens, there’s nothing like turning to a handy list of vegetable sheet pan recipes to satiate my need for a healthy, delicious, and easy meal.

Throwing together a vegetable sheet pan is an absolute breeze, but having a bit of inspiration is helpful so you don’t get stuck in a veggie rut that makes you resent eating vegetables. A good place to start is with a seasonal veg or two, add a starch, a protein, and something green. From there, you can just season it however suits your fancy. Or keep it simple and throw your absolute favorite vegetables on the sheet pan and get to roasting. You really can’t go wrong here!

You’re definitely going to want to bookmark these recipes, they’re incredibly tasty, creative, and nutritious. And one of my favorite things about vegetable sheet pan recipes is that usually, the leftovers are great for lunch the following day and can easily be turned into a salad or grain bowl. It’s essentially a meal that also doubles as meal prep, which, in my opinion, is the ideal situation.

Read on for some of our favorite vegetable sheet pan recipes!

spring veggie bowl sheet pan

1. Sheet Pan Spring Veggie Bowl

Why we love it: This is the perfect example of how a sheet pan recipe can come together to make a tasty bowl, whether that’s your original intent or not. It utilizes a plethora of seasonal veggies like baby carrots, radishes, and sweet shallots. It’s a positively celebratory dish.

Hero ingredient: Garbanzo beans give this vegetable sheet pan recipe some yummy plant-based protein and a delightful texture.

Get the recipe here.

sheet pan aloo gobi

2. Sheet Pan Aloo Gobi

Why we love it: Craving Indian flavors? Then look no further than this sheet pan aloo gobi. It’s a warming, cozy, bountiful dish made simple. Potatoes and cauliflower are delicious on their own or served with a bit of rice on the side. Drizzle on some yogurt if you’re feeling fancy!

Hero ingredient: Pick up some Tava fry masala for the ultimate in spice goodness.

Get the recipe here.

poblano corn enchiladas from half baked harvest

3. Sheet Pan Poblano Corn Enchiladas from Half Baked Harvest

Why we love it: Put an enchilada spin on your next sheet pan dinner with these delicious and oh-so-satisfying enchiladas. Sweet corn, poblano peppers, and zucchini come together with some salsa verde, tortillas, and some cheese for a seriously delicious veggie sheet pan meal. All you need is a sheet pan and less than one hour.

Hero ingredient: Top these healthy vegetarian enchiladas with some avocado for a real treat.

Get the recipe here.

parmesan roasted cauliflower from foodie crush

4. Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower from Foodie Crush

Why we love it: I can’t get enough of this caramelized, roasted cauli. Its subtle sweetness, crispy edges, and tender insides make it the perfect addition to any meal. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to make and clean up after.

Hero ingredient: The parmesan cheese coating on this roasted cauliflower is almost too good to be true.

Get the recipe here.

sheet pan veggie frittata from the kitchn

5. Sheet Pan Veggie Frittata from The Kitchn

Why we love it: The classic frittata is also an excellent vessel for mainlining vegetables into the body, and this recipe does not disappoint. It’s a veggie-heavy take on an egg dish that always hits the spot. Eat as is or put it in some bread or a tortilla for a mealtime delight.

 Hero ingredient: Cheese makes this delicious dish even more scrumptious.

Get the recipe here.

veggie sheet pizza from sugar salted


6. Vegetable Sheet Pizza from Sugar Salted

Why we love it: Sheet pizza! Have you ever heard of anything more delightful? I can’t get enough of the creative mix of vegetables in this recipe. Zucchini, peppers, and corn? Yes, please!

Hero ingredient: The addition of sun-dried tomatoes is brilliant, it gives the pizza an extra salty, almost meaty component that will keep you coming back for more.

Get the recipe here.

curried sweet potato and greens from minimalist baker

7. Sheet Pan Curried Sweet Potato and Chickpeas from Minimalist Baker

Why we love it: Not only does this simple dish come together quickly, but it’s incredibly versatile and customizable based on seasonality and whatever ingredients, sauces, and spices you have on hand. Eat it on its own or atop some grains for a delicious, hearty, and healthy meal.

Hero ingredient: Curry powder elevates these hardworking veggies and makes them even more delicious than you ever thought possible.

Get the recipe here.

tofu and veggies from food with feeling


8. Sheet Pan Baked Tofu and Veggies from Food with Feeling

Why we love it: As a tofu obsessive, I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate it into my meals. This vegan dish is a great option for this with or without dietary restrictions, as it’s healthy, tastes amazing, and couldn’t be easier to make on a busy weeknight.

Hero ingredient: Even though cilantro and sesame seeds are technically considered garnish, they elevate this simple and make it feel restaurant-quality.

Get the recipe here.

balsamic herb roasted veggies ambitious kitchen

9. Balsamic Herb Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables from Ambitious Kitchen

Why we love it: The vibrant colors in this vegetable sheep pan recipe speak for themselves! It’s a gorgeous collection of roasted veggies that include butternut squash, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and red onion. It’s practically iconic.

Hero ingredient: The balsamic herb dressing adds a punch of flavor that makes this dish irresistible.

Get the recipe here.

sheet pan ratatouille eating well

10. Sheet Pan Ratatouille from Eating Well

Why we love it: Even the most devoted ratatouille fanatic will enjoy this particular take on the classic Provençal-style stew. And trust me when I say that it’s worth baking the tomatoes on a separate pan so that the steam doesn’t affect the other tender charred vegetables.

Hero ingredient: Tangy goat cheese just makes everything better, doesn’t it?

Get the recipe here.

crispy terikayi tofu and broccoli from recipe runner

11. Sheet Pan Crispy Teriyaki Tofu and Broccoli from Recipe Runner

Why we love it: I’ve you’ve been looking for a vegan and gluten-free veggie sheet pan recipe then check out this simple, healthy, and hearty delight. The crispy teriyaki tofu is juxtaposed perfectly with tender broccoli in a way that feels familiar and comforting. Yum! Give it a go next time you’re craving Asian flavors.

Hero ingredient: Don’t be afraid to add some sriracha for a jaunty little kick of flavor and spice.

Get the recipe here.

sheet pan gnocchi and veggies from the kitchn

12. Crispy Sheet Pan Gnocchi and Veggies from The Kitchn

Why we love it: Love gnocchi but find yourself overcooking it and being left with a mushy mess? Then this is the gnocchi recipe for you. Skip the boil entirely and throw it on a sheet pan with these delicious fresh vegetables for a colorful array of delicious flavors. The best part:  the tomatoes pop while they roast and give the dish a bit of juicy sauce.

Hero ingredient: Be generous with some chopped basil for an herbaceous, aromatic treat.

Get the recipe here.

rainbow roasted veggies from coconuts and kettlebells

13. Sheet Pan Rainbow Roasted Vegetables from Coconuts and Kettlebells

Why we love it: It’s a simple, straightforward dish that is every bit as delicious as it is colorful. If you are doing a paleo diet or Whole 30, you don’t want to miss this easy dinner recipe. Just be sure to cut your veggies to similar sizes so that cook time doesn’t vary and drizzle on some lemon juice for a little extra brightness.

Hero ingredient: I’m partial to peppers, but whatever veggie is your favorite is the star of this beautiful dish.

Get the recipe here.

mediterranean sheet pan dinner

14. Mediterranean Sheet Pan Dinner from Crowded Kitchen

Why we love it: Can’t quite make it to Santorini? Then take a look at this delicious vegan sheet pan dinner inspired by classic Mediterranean flavors. Tofu, potatoes, and veggies with a creamy yogurt tahini sauce that steals the show make for a flavorful, easy dinner that’s ready in less than an hour.

Hero ingredient: The yogurt tahini sauce is worth the extra effort.

Get the recipe here.

bbq tofu and veggies from the kitchn

15. Sheet Pan BBQ Tofu from The Kitchn

Why we love it: The genius and often neglected pairing of tofu and bbq sauce makes for a delicious, bold flavor and texture that has to be experienced to be believed. Try tearing your tofu as opposed to chopping it in neat squares for more delicious, jagged, crispy edges. It makes a difference!

Hero ingredient: The bbq sauce brings it all home.

Get the recipe here.