Camille Styles

8 Ways to Worry Less

February 26th, 2015

The more conversations I have with my girlfriends, the more I realize: women are natural worriers. We worry about little things (I woke up at 2am last night with my mind racing about the wood floors we’re getting installed!) and the big things (families, health, job security… the list goes on.) However unpleasant it might feel at the time, worry’s not all bad. At its best, worry can be the impetus we need to take positive actions and ensure we’re doing what needs to be done. For example, if we’re worried about our financial future, it can inspire us to focus on putting aside a little savings each month. Since worry is something none of us will ever fully escape, I thought it was worth consulting the experts to find out how we can use it to our advantage: by letting it spur us on to become our best selves, rather than allowing it to paralyze us. Click through the slides for 8 solid strategies to keep worry in check.

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  1. What great tips! Everyone can use a little relaxation! Thanks for sharing!

    The Office Stylist

  2. Kristin says:

    i really enjoyed reading through the slideshow. i love the concept of not trying to repress worry, but acknowledging it, doing what you can to address things under your control, and then mentally moving on.

  3. Faves:

    -Worrying about things that you cannot control or change is completely fruitless.
    -Remember, be present and be grateful!

    Gratitude is the ingredient to a glass-half-full perspective on life.

  4. Great tips! I find myself worrying about things far in the future, things I can’t control, or things that may never even happen. I’m trying to work on being more engaged in the present and will keep these tips in mind.

  5. Very helpful! As an anxious person, in general, I often tend to forget these ideas, always nice to be reminded!

  6. arin says:

    what a great post! everyone can surely relate to this! we’re all in this together, right? x

  7. heyrita says:

    Such great tips! Opting for a mindful state of mind instead of giving in to those crazy unrealistic thoughts really helped me overcome my anxiety disorder.


  8. This is so good to read and put into practice!

  9. Carla Lima says:

    Definitely amazing tips… I need to put more effort in some of those 🙂


  10. rosemary grant says:

    Keep it simple. I learned this from my father. There is nothing in this world to worry about. If you have control over the situation then there is no need to worry, take care of it. If you have no control over the situation, then it is not worth the time to worry either, it is someone else’s concern.

  11. annieparis says:

    Hi ..a super post and great reading. I have tried it all . Just cannot help myself worrying , especially in the night. I have tried all ways. I also think the older one gets we find different worries???? Will have to try again .

  12. Louisiane T says:

    Seriously thanks! I’ve been really stress since the Charlie Hebdo things and all my fears where more present, fears on things that i cannot control. It’s paralyzing me, i think all the time about it: “If someone with a gun enter, will i be easly kill or will i have the time to escape?”. I’m already a stressful person at first, but with that and the fact that i don’t have time anymore to do what i love (boyfriend, running, makeup…), I don’t fell like i can leie anymore with security, or even worse if i can live anymore simply.
    So thank you these are great tips, I really need to get things done 🙂

  13. Thanks for some great tips, I will certainly sort through my worries and try not to worry about things I cannot change.

  14. Thank you, I found this post really enlightening. I am a chronic worry and it gives me the worst anxiety. Never heard of constructive worrying before but this is so helpful x

  15. Alexa Jones says:

    Great post! Often more than not I’m not aware of the fact that I’m worried, but my body tells me; I bite my nails, have problems with sleep… I need to learn to recognize those signals so I can faster figure out what the problem is and deal with it.

  16. Beth says:

    these are all really great, practical tips that I definitely needed today. will keep implementing them to change my habits of worrying, thank you!

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