15 Best Wellness Instagrammers For All Your Fitspiration Needs

By Camille Styles

A few months ago, I did an Instagram detox. In my continuing efforts to be more mindful about my social media habits, I made it a point to follow only those accounts that fit into one of two categories. Either (a) people I actually care about, i.e. my real-life friends and family, or (b) people who inspire me visually, creatively, or who encourage me to be a better person. This meant that anyone on my feed who I was following out of sheer curiosity or voyeurism had to go, as well as any feeds that made me feel negative or insecure. The end result? My Instagram feed is a happier place that helps me keep in touch with friends and gives me a little boost whenever I need it. Among those who inspire me most are the Instagrammers who are doing amazing things in the health and wellness space, and I get great ideas daily from these creators who are cooking up colorful veg-centric dishes and using their bodies in incredible feats of fitness. There’s no doubt that their images and words encourage me to be my best self, and I’ve rounded up my favorites so you can add a few to your fitspiration feed, too.

Keep scrolling for the best wellness Instagrammers out there, and leave a comment to let us know any of your favorites we’ve left off the list!

featured image by @rrayyme

1. Sarah Britton, @mynewroots

2. The Chalkboard, @thechalkboardmag

3. Ashley Alexander, @gatherandfeast

4. Remi Ishizuka, @rrayyme

5. Stefani Gold Marie, @stefaniegoldmarie

6. Well & Good, @iamwellandgood

7. David Frenkiel, Green Kitchen Stories, @gkstories

8. Darling Magazine, @darling

9. Vibrant & Pure, @vibrantandpure

10. Loni Jane, @lonijane

11. Sasha Swerdloff, @sashaswerdloff

12. Ellie Bullen, @elsas_wholesomelife

13. GOOP, @goop

14. Mind Body Green, @mindbodygreen

15. Danielle Spidalieri, @themindfulblonde