25 Ways to Thrive in November, According to Our Editors

Make it your best month of 2020.

By Katherine Fluor
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There’s no denying that all of us at Team CS are self-proclaimed beauty, recipe, style, and wellness junkies. We’ll try just about anything in the name of research, all the while secretly knowing that there’s little out there that can beat x,y,z in our everyday routines. Alas, our guinea pig ways continue month after month, and the start of a new season especially has us talking about that one new thing we must add to cart, stream, or read stat.

So, let’s hear it for making this our best month yet, whether it’s a new cozy sweater, an at-home spa night, comforting soup recipes, podcast must-listens, TV shows that you can’t stop watching, or a sleep mask guaranteed to help you catch some Zzz’s… we’ve got your back with all the things you didn’t know you needed as we head into November.

And don’t forget, it all starts with getting out there and VOTING – today’s the last day for early voting, and then you’ll have one more chance to make your voice heard on November 3rd! Scroll on for 25 things our editors loved, read, watched, and cooked this month. And drop a comment below letting us know what we should add to our November bucket list!

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Camille Styles, Editor-In-Chief

Ted Lasso on AppleTV.

“You know what the happiest animal in the world is? It’s a goldfish. It’s got a 10 second memory. Be a goldfish!” I know, I’ve mentioned Ted Lasso before, but it’s lines like these that make it my current favorite show on tv, despite the fact that I’m not a big sports fan. I just finished season 1, and can’t go another second without reiterating how much I LOVED THIS SHOW in its entirety. I laughed, cried, fell in love with each character – and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to wait until next summer to see where their stories go next.

The Weekend’s After Hours Album

I get a lot of questions on Instagram about what music we’re listening to in the background of Stories, and lately it’s been all about The Weekend’s After Hours album. Its low-lit beats with just the right amount of 80’s influence is the perfect vibe for curling up with a glass of red and watching the sun set.

These Ankle Boots and this Lipstick

Y’all these ankle boots are everything I’ve been searching for in a season where comfort is key, but I’m ready to (occasionally) not wear lounge clothes. Soft buttery leather, a sole that literally molds to your feet… I’ve been wearing these with midi skirts, boyfriend jeans, even cutoff jean shorts.

Since no list of mine could be complete without a little beauty thrill, I’ll leave you with the super nourishing, perfectly sheer and pretty lip color I’ve been applying multiple times per day. It’s honestly the only product I use on my lips, it’s that good. Beautycounter’s Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick in Petal. Get on it.

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Kat Fluor, Managing Editor

This Chicken Enchilada Soup Recipe

This chicken enchilada soup by the Defined Dish not only tastes like heaven, but it comes together quickly and with very few steps. If you are a love hearty, bold flavors in your soups– you’ll absolutely just love this recipe. It’s become a cold night staple in our house, and the best part: it’s gluten free and grain-free (although my husband does add crushed up tortilla chips to his!)

Homeland on Showtime

I know I’m late to hop on the Homeland train, but boy am I glad to be onboard. I love anything CIA or spy related, and this show does not disappoint. My hubby and I started it about a month ago from season one (there’s eight seasons total) and *guilty* we are already on season three. It originally aired on Showtime but you can also stream it on Hulu. It’s full of unexpected twists and has you loving, then hating, then loving the characters, and I feel like I truly never know what’s really going to happen next. If you’re needing a new TV show to watch and loved 24 back in the day, start Homeland (just don’t make any plans for the next month or so…).

Aveda Comforting Tea

If your an avid Aveda salon goer like myself, then you know about this tea. Every time I get my hair done I always have at least two cups, and since my hair appointments are few and far between these days, I started ordering Aveda’s signature comforting tea straight from the website. It’s like a hug in a cup, and feels like a little spa moment in itself (especially while drinking it in a hot bubble bath). It’s certified organic, caffeine-free, and infused with herbs, licorice root and peppermint. Yum. I can guarantee you that I will be ordering these tea bags on repeat all winter.

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Kelly Krause, Wellness Editor

Dior Nail Glow

This is perfect for the person who can’t give themselves an at-home mani (cough, me), or isn’t ready to go back to a nail salon. It’s basically fool-proof and provides a slight pink tint so it always looks like your nails are freshly manicured. This bottle lasted me 5 months and saved me a lot of $$$ that I would’ve spent on gel manicures.

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Brandy Joy Smith, Wellness Editor

Apple Watch Series 6

I’m obsessed with my new apple watch; I bought it to stay connected without wanting my children to see me on or with my phone all the time.

Bolé Road Bath Mat

I’ve been really loving this bath mat lately. it’s so hard to find attractive/adult mats—bonus female and black-owned business that supports artisans in Ethiopia, company based in NY.

Clare V. Simple Tote

Clare V. just came out with a new print for their simple tote; I’ve been searching for the perfect bag to double as a diaper bag. And this one wins for me; it can actually fit all the things you need for two under two plus my laptop with another one of my favorites, the tote insert.

The Helm Marble Body Brush

This dry brush is finally back in stock, and it’s been a game-changer for my skin, not to mention it looks good on my tray in the bathroom. Also designed by a black-owned business that helps people get dermatologic care that could not otherwise access it.

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Michelle Nash, Senior Producer

Loops Sheet Masks

I can’t get enough of Loops sheet masks right now. I received some as a gift from teammates and now I’m hooked. The mask actually sticks to your face so you can go about your usual day, do stuff around the house, or sit at your computer without it falling off your face like the others I’ve tried. I love the cool, silky, gelly feel of the sheet masks and their eye and lip masks also have worked great with my skin!

Kelly LeVeque’s Podcast

I also look forward to the Be Well By Kelly Podcast every week. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and nutrition tips, but she’s also bringing on super interesting guests that share valuable lifestyle and wellness advice too. Her recent episode with James Clear about habits is a must listen!

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Bridget Chambers, Editorial & Social Intern

Infrared Saunas

I’ve recently been obsessed with Infrared Saunas. Infrared Saunas can help with detox, weight loss, skin purification, and overall immunity. While all of these things are AMAZING, my personal favorite part is that I get 30 minutes of uninterrupted relaxation! I use this time to turn off my phone, listen to music, or focus on a great podcast- all while burning calories and sweating out toxins! I try to fit this into my schedule at least twice a week, but love getting to go 3-4 times per week. I’ve seen more and more infrared sauna studios popping up around the U.S., so search for one in your city if you’re interested!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

These are my go-to product right now for transitioning into winter. I just put 4-5 drops into my moisturizer on the days when I’m wanting some extra glow and in 4-6 hours my face is so naturally tan that I don’t even feel the need to wear face make-up. Plus, I get the bronzed look without hurting my skin in the sun!

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Anne Campbell, Wellness, Home & Style Editor

Transcendent Kingdom and The Hormone Reset Diet

Currently have two books on my nightstand: Yaa Gyasi’s Transcendent Kingdom and The Hormone Reset Diet by Sara Gottfried, M.D. Yaa’s beautiful writing of her childhood experience growing up as a daughter of immigrants in Alabama is poignant, and while not an edge-of-your-seat page turner, is captivating all the same. The Hormone Reset Diet, on the other hand, is full of dog-ears and underlined portions and has taken up permanent residency on my bedside table. If you’re a woman riddled with hormone issues like me, grab a copy stat. You’re welcome.

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Riley Blanks, Wellness Editor

Kosas Concealer

I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I love keeping my little stash simple, easy and effective. I get skin discoloration particularly around my eyes and mouth due to eczema flare ups and this product completely conceals it. It’s super easy to apply and doesn’t crease or dry out my skin. It’s creamy, thin and absorbent yet provides good coverage. I don’t know what this sorcery is but I’m really into it. I wear Tone 7.5 for reference (deep tan with warm undertones).

Small Talk Earrings

I met Lisa at a bossbabes craftHER event last year after speaking on a panel. She was at the event selling Small Talk earrings with her mom by her side and I was mesmerized by her designs. I bought a pair that I still wear often and have since loved watching her brand blossom. Her content is beautiful and thoughtful (just like her) and her designs are unique, structured and bold. Be sure to watch for her restocks–her product goes quickly!

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Suruchi Avasthi, Food Editor

HoliRoots Hair Oil

This HoliRoots hair oil has been a game changer – not because oiling my hair is a new concept for me, I’ve been alternating between coconut and amla oil every week for years now – but because the texture and impact on my hair has been incredible. I love that this oil doesn’t actually feel oily in my hair and more importantly, I love that I’ve noticed a huge difference in the shine and thickness of my hair since using this oil for a few months. Plus, I love Niki and Akash’s story and that this really is a family run brand that pays homage to their roots in more ways than one.

This Cherry and Ricotta Cake Recipe from Ravneet Gill

My new favorite baker is Ravneet Gill – you could say I’ve gone full on fangirl. When I saw the NYT article with ‘A Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie’ in the title, I ended up down the rabbit hole reading up on the pastry chef and scrolling through her feed which is full of beautiful yet approachable pastries. One recipe I just had to try was the Cherry and Ricotta Cake that Ravneet posted an IGTV for and oh. my. gosh. I think I found my new favorite cake ever – it’s perfectly sweet with a slight punch from the cherries and oh so moist. It’s delicious with a cup of tea for emulating the class I like to imagine our friends across the pond eating their cake with, while also passing for an acceptable breakfast option for when you’re running late for your morning zoom meeting and just need something to eat. Her latest baking book is already en route and I can’t wait to keep baking her recipes!

november bucket list, how to have the best november yet, our editor's picks for november

Hannah Zhaner, Beauty & Wellness Editor

Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel

After hearing multiple rave reviews from friends, I finally ordered this product at the beginning of the month, and I’m in love. After using it for a few weeks, I can truly say it’s made a difference in my skin. I love that it’s gentle enough for weekly use, and packed with lactic, malic and glycolic acid for a perfect overnight exfoliation. I love waking up with seriously refreshed and renewed looking skin!

Essia Ultrasonic Lifting Wand

I’ve been looking for more ways to deeply clean out my pores (and let’s be real, I’m always down to try a new beauty tool). This wand has three settings, one for exfoliating, one for helping serums and moisturizers sink in and one for lifting and toning. It seems to be helping clear my pores and my skin feels smoother and more toned after using the moisturizing and lifting setting.

ORIGINS Infusing Water Bottle

This bottle is a little more gadgety than I tend to go for, but I’ve been loving this infuser water bottle for brewing loose leaf tea (I’m loving this one and this one). I love that it holds more than my mug and it withstands heat, so I just pop some tea in the strainer and pour hot water over and go.