14 At-Home Workouts Our Editors Are Loving Right Now

Get ready to sweat.

By Phoebe Neuman
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During this time at home, life is quieter for many of us… and  listening more closely to our bodies has been a key part of staying healthy and happy during quarantine.

The mental and physical benefits of movement and eating nourishing foods have never been more apparent than they are now.

But since we can’t sweat it out in our favorite workout classes at the moment, we’re leaning on some of the best at-home workout options that have kept us moving.

Here, our editors share the 14 at-home workouts our editors are loving right now. From high-intensity jump rope and dance-cardio classes to soul boosting yoga, there’s something for every preference and skill level. So read on — then, throw on your favorite pair of leggings and get ready to work. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.

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Camille’s Picks:

Alo Moves! I joined with a monthly membership at the beginning of stay-at-home, and I’ve been wow’d by the number of streaming options and how great the instructors are. My preference is always to do an outdoor workout, but when I can’t because of weather or lack of time, I love that I can turn on a quick HIIT workout and break a sweat in 20 minutes. This week, I’ve also been trying some of the morning meditations, and it’s been such a peaceful way to start the day.

I was inspired by my friend Jacey Duprie’s workouts on Instagram, and ordered this $11 jump rope. It’s the perfect way to inject a quick cardio boost into a strength or stretch workout — or to give me a burst of energy when I’ve been staring for too long at a computer screen. I usually give myself a personal challenge, like “jump 100 times without stopping.” You’ll be shocked at how fast you start sweating. – Camille Styles

Kat’s Picks:

I’ve also been streaming yoga and meditation classes via Alo Yoga’s platform, Alo Moves. Hot Pilates is also an awesome platform for all kinds of Matt pilates and HITT workouts. They have been doing some free IG LIVE workouts (@hotpilates), and I love tuning in to join the #gethotglobalchallenge.

If I need a mid-day pick me up, I love doing Sculpt Society, Megan Roupe’s dance cardio workouts. They are SO much fun, and an amazing workout. I find myself bopping around the house dancing from room to room all day after, and don’t we all need a little of that right now?  -Kat Flour

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Phoebe’s Picks:

I’ve been a huge Yoga With Adrienne fan for years now, but I’ve started doing her videos 3-4 times a week during this time at home. I love that she offers something for every level and every mood, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my form!

I am a person who hates cardio on the best of days (which is why I love Yoga With Adrienne so much), and have found that I am VERY unmotivated to do cardio outside of my usual spin class setting. Popsugar Fitness YouTube videos give me just enough of that studio energy, and offer a huge range of workouts that leave me feeling every bit as sweaty and sore as my go-to classes. – Phoebe Neuman

Chanel’s Picks:

Kayla Itsines is famous for her Bikini Body Guide, which is why I was thrilled to discover she recently released a post-pregnancy program. I subscribed the moment I found out, and it’s been perfect for my from-home quarantine workouts. Quick, challenging, and effective!

Before Coronavirus, Black Swan Yoga was my go-to studio of choice here in town. I was already a fan of their online classes, but since we’ve been working out at home exclusively, BSYTV has been a life saver, and I love that I’m still able to support a favorite local studio! – Chanel Dror

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Hannah’s Picks:

Okay Chanel turned me on to Kayla Itsine’s postpartum program and I’ve been loving it too! I love that it’s guided and quick enough that I can squeeze it in and get a post-workout shower while my baby naps.

I’m all about the quick-burn kind of workouts that don’t make me never want to workout again. I’ve also been doing MadFit (my go-to for a quick workout) or Heather Robertson’s YouTube videos. I usually pick a video based on how much time I have, if I want to use any equipment or not (great for travelling!) and if there’s a specific body area I want to target. Plus, they’re free!  – Hannah Zahner

Anne’s Picks:

I’ve been loving foam rolling and rebounding a la Lauren Roxburgh. When I’m not on a walk outside listening to one of my favorite podcasts, you’ll likely find me hitting one of Define’s virtual bounce classes. A fun, detoxifying sweat and a great playlist!

I recently discovered the Glow Be app and have been obsessed with my daily face yoga sessions ever since. It doesn’t come cheap at $10 per week after the free trial expires, but the results I’m seeing make it worth the price tag! – Anne Cambpell

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Michelle’s Picks:

When my dad jumped on the Peloton train and got his bike, I didn’t realize they also had an app that hosts an entire library of fitness classes ranging from strength to yoga to stretching and more. I’m able to stream classes through our family plan, but they also offer a 30-day free trial for anyone who wants to try it out. It’s an easy way to squeeze in 5 or 10 minute arms and abs class to re-energize me during work breaks, or get a little extra cardio in after a run. The instructors are super engaging and the music is always on point.

YouTube is still a great resource for workouts. My family randomly loves this 7-minute abs video from 2007 that we’ve been doing together on vacations, etc. for years. It comes from a workout tape that came out on VHS forever ago, but it’s actually a killer ab workout in only 7-minutes, partially because you’ll be dying laughing at the retro commentary. – Michelle Nash

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