5 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow Into Your Fullest Potential

Listen and learn.

By Camille Styles

Who else is really grateful to be living in a time when we can learn from the most inspiring people in the world, without having to travel anywhere or spend tons of cash on an e-course? All it takes is a quick scroll through the Podcast app on my phone to access more wisdom than I could ever actually find time to listen to. Since great new podcasts keep launching all the time, I wanted to share my most up-to-date list of those that have been influential in my life lately — these are the ones that I can always count on to push me out of my comfort zone and further into my fullest potential. Some are new and some have been around for awhile, but I can rarely listen to any of these podcasts without immediately texting friends, “you’ve GOT TO LISTEN TO THIS ONE.” Scroll on, and I’d love to hear what podcasts you guys are loving lately in the comments!

image: sudio

Hurry Slowly, with Jocelyn K. Glei

I’m not sure how I stumbled across Hurry Slowly, but I’m officially hooked — every episode feels like it’s speaking directly into my heart. Jocelyn and her guests examine a life lived more slowly — making time for what really matters and creating a schedule that reflects your values, on your own times. From work to friendship to entertaining, episodes give solid advice for how to bring more thoughtfulness to every area of life.

Favorite episode: Fanny Auger – Conversation Isn’t About Talking {Season 1, ep. 16}

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Marie strikes the perfect balance between having fun and not taking herself too seriously – while always delivering a total wisdom bomb from her own unconventional journey or from one of the luminaries she interviews (think Arianna Huffington and Brené Brown.) She’s humble, funny, ridiculously smart, and I never walk away from an episode without scribbling quotes and ideas that came to me as I listened.

Favorite episode: Steven Pressfield On How to Overcome Resistance & Why Talent Doesn’t Matter {ep. 223}

Armchair Expert, with Dax Shepard

Dax is known for being a comedic actor and you’ll for sure be dying laughing during every episode. But you’ll also be inspired, surprised, and moved (I’ve cried.) A gifted interviewer, Dax brings on an eclectic crew of guests ranging from celebrities to writers to researchers, and his curiosity, kindness, and Howard Stern-level frankness make each episode so thought-provoking. And also so funny that I frequently fear I might pee my pants in my car.

Favorite episode: Live from Austin: Brené Brown {ep. 51}

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation

Y’all have heard me talk about this one before, but I could not bear to talk about personal development podcasts without the genre’s QUEEN. This was the first podcast I listened to consistently, and I credit it with getting me hooked on my daily dose of audio self help on my commute. Oprah is a gifted interviewer, plus the fact that she can get basically anyone on the planet to come on her show is a winning combination.

Favorite episode: DeVon Franklin: Produced by Faith

The goop Podcast

When I get the alert on my phone each week that says a new goop episode has dropped, I literally cannot wait to get in my car and listen. Gwyneth Paltrow and Elyse Lunan are both fantastic interviewers who always ask the questions that I’m wondering too, and guests range from functional medicine doctors to relationship experts to cultural innovators. I’ve definitely drunk the goop kool-aid and I always, always learn something valuable listening to this show.

Favorite episode: What Turns You On with Esther Perel