Sifting through emails isn’t exactly an exciting task. Whether it’s a last minute request from a coworker, a bill pay reminder, or just yet another spammy sale email from that one online clothing site that you can never remember to actually unsubscribe from, facing a crowded inbox causes more stress than we’d like.

So we understand why you might be hesitant to follow the advice in this article, but stay with us—we wouldn’t lead you astray. We found six kickass email lists that we insist you subscribe to. Why? Because they’ll actually enhance your inbox (and your life). So join our big movement: Make Email Fun Again. You won’t be disappointed.

ps – we’re pretty positive you’re already signed up for The List, but just in case… get your name on it for weekly inspiration, recipes, and exclusive giveaways right here.

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The Hustle

Mmmm. Just the name alone gets us excited. The Hustle sends an email each morning with the lowdown on all the top tech, business, and culture news stories of the day. Geared toward young professionals, The Hustle adopts a bold, honest, and sometimes even humorous voice to inform its readers of what they need to know and how it affects them. It’s concise, engaging, and researched — perfect for those of us who are on a tight schedule but still want to stay informed.

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Working Woman’s Food

Patricia Gamboa started this project when she realized how much she missed slow and social mealtimes with family and friends, which had been replaced by rushed lunches and dinners where little conversation occurred. Working Woman’s Food was created to give women the materials and the reinforcement to bring back enjoyable meals. We told you these email lists would make your life better! These weekly emails provide meal planning, grocery lists, and healthy recipes for you — simplifying your home life and bringing joy back to the table.

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No Complaints

We’ve all been there: You log online for a quick and easy reason — to check in on Facebook or to order a new blender — and before you know it, you find yourself watching an American Idol audition video from 2008. It’s not entirely your fault — we’re all well aware that the Internet is massive and there are endless rabbit holes you never see coming. Luckily for us, Caroline Crampton’s job as a website editor required her to sort through the Internet to find the best of the best, and she decided to share it with us through her curated weekly newsletters. Every Friday afternoon she sends you links you should check out, GIFs to see, entertaining video clips, and listening recommendations.

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Ann Friedman

Another Friday treat! Ann Friedman is a self-employed freelance journalist who provides some spunk to your inbox at the end of every working week. Her newsletters include articles and books she’s reading, “GIFspiration,” links to her own work (like her successful “real talk” podcast Call Your Girlfriend), what she endorses, and what readers submit to endorse. Nothing smarmy — just good, honest places to go, things to see, events to attend, etc.

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Big financial publications often skew male — male audiences, male editors, male bias in topic coverage. Thankfully, Fortune decided it was going to actually do something about that. Thus, The Broadsheet was born. The newsletter, which highlights “the world’s most powerful women,” is run by Kristen Bellstrom, Fortune’s senior editor who rounds up the best articles around the web on every topic from gender bias in machine learning to the fact that women of color are exposed to more chemicals in their beauty products than white women are. It’s not always pretty, but it’s always enlightening.

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Career Contessa

What’s wrong with a little shameless self promotion? You know you’re ambitious, and we know we want to help you, so it’s really a win-win. We hate junky emails so you have nothing to worry about. Just career advice to help guide you to be your best professional self.

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