8 Coolest Yoga Mats That Will Make You Want to Practice Every Day

Sun salutation in style.

By Katherine Fluor
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While it might not always be a necessity to BYO yoga mat to the studio, it certainly never hurts (and very often, saves you a few bucks). Plus, there’s no question that adding a little excitement to your exercise routine – via cute new workout clothes or your own chic yoga mat — can give you that extra push you need to motivate yourself to make it outside and over to class.

Anyone who practices yoga regularly knows having a high-quality mat makes all the difference in the satisfaction of your practice. If your mat slips, smells, or is lacking support for your bones and joints, it can be nearly impossible to get your zen on!

My favorite yoga mats are lightweight, yet durable. From innovative slim mats to easy-to-carry options with handy straps, we’ve rounded up the best (and cutest) yoga mats we could find. With so many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will have everyone in your studio’s head turning.

Pro tip: combine your mat with a matching tote bag to form the ultimate yogi starter pack. And remember to keep breathing and stick with it, yoga is a marathon, not a sprint.

yoga mat

Terrazzo Yoga Mat by Amara

This mat is not only super chic with its terrazzo pattern, its thicker cushion provides extra support for your bones and joints, while still remaining very lightweight and portable.

yoga mat

Marble Print Mat by Yoga Zeal

This marble-print mat has a suede-like finish — which is great if you’re a hot yoga goer — the suede is also designed to work well on different floor surfaces.

Stella McCartney Mat by Adidas

This Stella McCartney x Adidas collab is what our sporty chic dreams are made of. The versatile mat can be used for pilates, strength training, or yoga. The durable runner underside ensures you aren’t sliding around anywhere throughout your workout.

Nature Collection Ultra Thick Mat by Hugger Mugger

The Hugger Mugger Nature Collection is inspired by natural wonders, from minerals to plants to natural phenomena. This mat features one of the best nonslip, sticky surfaces and sports a one of a kind design to enliven your practice.

Work It Out Yoga Mat by

If you’re gonna collapse onto a soft surface after your fifth attempt at a headstand, it should totally be on this super comfy mat. Plus a mat covered in our favorite colors with a ridiculously cute design is sure to make you smile even when you think you can’t possibly try another headstand!

Pretty Thoughts Mat by Apeiron

Colorful and imaginative as your favorite daydream, this mat is sure to transform you into a yogi in no time. The synthetic suede fabric surface provides extra comfort and non-slip technology for your practice. No matter how much you sweat, gone are the days of slipping, towel bunching, and mat tears.

Dream Catcher No. 3 by Sugarmat

This mat comes from Sugarmat, a chic yoga and wellness company based out of Montreal. Featuring the abstract art of Contemporary Artist Julia Contacessi, this mat is constructed with non-slip, natural rubber and has a synthetic suede top, providing anti-slipping grip and protection for all yoga practices.

yoga mat

The Combo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab

This mat has a built in towel that works to keep you from sliding on the mat even when you’re dripping in sweat. If you’re looking to take your hot yoga practice to the next level, this mat is the best option — plus we love that it has 19 different designs to choose from.