Morning friends! We head back to Austin this weekend after our month in Malibu, and I’m feeling bittersweet about it all. On one hand, I am really going to miss our morning beach walks, watching the sunset and making s’mores at night, and most of all, the slower pace we embraced while we were away. But – I’m also feeling incredibly grateful for this chance to get refreshed.

The feeling of being fully present and truly soaking up every minute gives me the sweetest feeling as I look back over our photos from the month.

And I’m excited to get back to Austin, see our family and friends, and get back to work on some fun projects! See? All the feels…

Before we left, I wanted to give y’all a little tour of our beach house – hop over to my IGTV to give it a watch (or keep scrolling.) And read on for my favorite reads from around the web this week. Hope y’all are having a beautiful Sunday. xoC

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It’s still very much a work in progress, but I wanted to give y’all a little tour before we head back to Austin. A few “before” photos are woven throughout so you can see what it looked like when we first laid eyes on the house. (How bout those fans and big screen TV’s? ?) The only real updates we made were (1) slapping a white coat of paint on the interior (2) changing out light fixtures and (3) bringing in rugs and furniture. We did it super quick and on a major budget, and I’ve gotta say it’s coming together pretty cute!! We have looooved life in this little bungalow over the past month and can’t wait to get started on the big projects we’re dreaming up for this property. Feel free to drop a comment below with any decor/furniture Q’s ??

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