An Honest Conversation About Weight & Notes from the Weekend

CBD facial anyone?

By Camille Styles
Frond Plant Shop in Austin

Morning friends, how are your weekends going so far? Yesterday, I went to a girls brunch at my new friend Dana’s house. She recently moved to town, and in attendance were friends from different aspects of her life – none of us knew each other and our common bond was our shared friendship with Dana. It was one of those gatherings that I easily could have missed – I’d just gotten home from LA the night before, had tons of laundry and catching up to do and wanted to spend time with the kids after being gone – only something in my gut told me I wouldn’t want to miss this brunch. And I was right.

As we sat around the table eating frittata and the best gluten-free vegan pancakes I’ve ever tasted, we talked about life, personal struggles, hopes, and dreams.

There was nothing to do with work or social media or gossip because none of us run in the same circles – it was truly just everyone showing up wanting to truly listen and connect with other women. I left that brunch feeling so satisfied in body and soul — and also intrigued by figuring out what was the secret formula that brought such magic to that table. I journaled about it last night and feel like I have much to share with y’all on the topic, but for now…

I’m going to start sharing a favorite reader comment from the week with you guys here! 

Sarah said in response to this post about taking a leap of faith:

What a great post!!! I am 64 years old and very happy in my current life. However, there were several opportunities that arose in my 20’s that I passed up on. One was becoming a flight attendant for American Airlines — which had always been my dream. Another was moving to NY to work for my fathers advertising agency. I wonder how my life would have changed if I had pursued these opportunities?? Take a chance ladies — don’t pass up on your dreams! Soon life will take over — marriage, children, illness, aging parents, etc. You only have one shot at life and PLEASE do what makes you happy even it means taking the biggest chance of your life. And PLEASE, do not let a man hold you back!! You can do this!! Good luck!

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