Camille Styles

4 Ways to Ask Better Questions (And Why You Should)

June 21st, 2018

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After listening to HBR’s podcast ‘Ask Better Questions’, I realized that I have really been underestimating the power of asking the right questions to the right people. Despite watching episodes of Law & Order (SVU…on repeat), I never saw asking questions to be some sort of science-backed strategic endeavor—when I want to know something, I just ask the closest person I think may know the answer, pretty simple. Well, spoiler alert: it’s not that simple. Turns out that the way we ask questions, how we structure them, which ‘asking’ words we use, even our tone and body language, all control the quality of information we receive in return—which directly impacts the types of relationships and experiences we have in life. So, by asking the wrong types of questions or phrasing them incorrectly, we hold ourselves back from creating new connections and opportunities that could help to determine our levels of success and happiness.

Bottom line: if you’re feeling unfulfilled with one or more areas of your life, a simple shift in the way you ask yourself and others questions could be key. Here’s 4 tips on how to ask better questions that can help you overcome problems, gain valuable resources, and move you forward in life.

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