Everyday Actions and Notes from the Weekend

Doing the work.

By Camille Styles

This past week, we got to work. The team and I started a process that should have been started long ago to illuminate women whose voices haven’t been heard. Our words are SO important – I’ve used mine on social media to share exactly where I stand on racism and equality, and the words of others have been our education and inspiration this week.

But let’s talk next steps: I want my ACTIONS to go far beyond throwing up lists of what’s trending on social media. As the editor-in-chief of this site that shares stories of inspiring women, I’ve felt called to slow down and go deeper. I’m discovering and getting to know some of the most inspiring diverse women I’ve ever encountered, and I can’t wait to illuminate them here – and not JUST right now when many black women have had to step into the role of activist and educator – but to know these women’s hearts, uncover their passions and talents, and use our platform to share their stories so you guys get to know them, too. I know you’ll be as inspired as I am by the art, beauty, style, writing, music, and incredible careers these women have created – I’ve had goosebumps 24/7 the past few days.

So, instead of endlessly scrolling social media and dwelling in our shame and heartbreak, let’s allow it to activate us. And not just the big splashy taking a stand during the protests, but also the quiet everyday actions that will lead our world to reconciliation and healing. Taking a hard look in the mirror to face our biases, teaching our children (and our parents and our friends) what we’re learning about racism even when it gets uncomfortable, educating ourselves on how we should vote and donate, and being intentional about having friends who don’t look just like us.

Learn, put it into action, make mistakes, learn from our mistakes, and commit to be consistent with this work forever.

morgan harper nichols wallpaper

Scroll on for some of my favorite reads (and watches, and listens) this week:

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all artwork by Morgan Harper Nichols