I don’t like to generalize, but finding Father’s Day gifts fitting for the paternal figures in our lives is notoriously hard. I have years of anxious shopping trips to back that theory up. I’ve put in my time wandering the aisles of a golf pro shop or furiously browsing that one small boutique corner aimed at men. (You know the spot: There’s almost always a book on whiskey and a Pendleton blanket there.) To help you avoid the pain of a gifting swing and miss, I’ve polled our thoughtful team for Father’s Day gifts that are guaranteed winners. 

Ahead, find unique gift ideas (and some of our greatest gifting hits) for every kind of dad—from the sneakerheads, to the slick home chefs, to the guys who rides hard for REI.

Feature image by Kristen Kilpatrick.

Image by Kristen Kilpatrick

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Adventurer

He’s prepared for anything and could go off the grid whenever he wants. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to—but he can still look cool in the great outdoors.

Solo Stove Lite

My family can’t get enough of our Solo stoves—they’re the perfect portable fireplace for any and all backyard, lakeside, or camping adventures. This smaller version of the brand’s classic designs takes the ultralight build a step further. You can pack it up with your gear and use it to cook up a rustic, but warm a meal and maybe toast a few s’mores while you’re at it. My dad is an avid solo camper, and this would be just the thing to help make the woods feel a little more like home. Isabelle Eyman

Solo Stove Lite, $65

Minimalist National Park Playing Cards

For a guy who’s passionate about his national park pass, no playing card deck could be more apropos. — Caitlin Clark

Minimalist National Park Playing Cards, $14

Surf Shacks Volume 2

Any nature and design-loving dude will love the newest volume of the Surf Shacks series. From improvised cabins by the beach to penthouse apartments in big coastal cities all over the world, these interviews with people who love to surf will inspire, even if you’re landlocked. — Camille Styles

Surf Shacks Volume 2, $60

Nomadix Ultralight Towel

My dad’s a big hiker, camper, and all-around outdoor exerciser. But while swimming isn’t #1 on his list of out-of-the-house activities, he does love jumping into any and all bodies of water he can find. Enter: a super light and easily packable towel. Towels can take up tons of space in your pack and aren’t ideal to put back in wet. This towel is the ultimate solution and packs down into a small stuff sack. Plus, it’s made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Stylish and sustainable (not that my dad’s too mindful of the former). — Isabelle Eyman

Nomadix Ultralight Towel at REI, $29.95

Grommet Survival Belt

On the surface, this belt looks totally normal and basic. But don’t be fooled—inside the belt buckle is a bottle opener, LED flashlight, fire starter rod, and an integrated folding knife. It’s an epic addition to any adventure enthusiast’s wardrobe and another one of my husband’s favorite gadgets. Just make sure he avoids wearing it through security… Nihel Ayari

Grommet Survival Belt, $150

Orvis Bryant Wool-Blend Long-Sleeved Shirt

The New Englander in me believes with all my heart that every guy (dads included) needs a good, sturdy shirt—or 10. This option pairs performance with comfort, is moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and is made of a lightweight poly-wool blend for a classic, always-in-style look. — Isabelle Eyman

Orvis Bryant Wool-Blend Long-Sleeved Shirt, $119

Vuori Banks Short

If your Father’s Day gift recipient is anything like the men in my life, he’s perpetually in need of a new pair of workout shorts. — Caitlin Clark

Vuori Banks Short, $68

Image by Michelle Nash

Gifts Ideas for the Active Dad

For him, “dad bod” means something entirely different. The following Father’s Day gifts will make him happier than 10,000 steps on a Fitbit.

lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant 32 Warpstreme

Finally, a pair of versatile men’s pants that are actually as cool as they are comfortable. For days where he’s going straight from the office to the golf course, and then to dinner, these pants achieve that relaxed, yet pulled-together look in any scenario. Your dad won’t even realize he’s wearing lululemon, and he’ll eventually want these pants in every single color. Michelle Nash

lululemon ABC Classic-Fit Pant 32 Warpstreme, $128

Mobot Big Bertha Foam Roller Water Bottle

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, this one is among my greatest hits. I gifted my dad this foam roller water bottle a few years ago and he still uses it daily. It’s perfect for travel or going to the gym, and will become one of those ride-or-die products he can’t live without. — Michelle Nash

Mobot Big Bertha Foam Roller Water Bottle, $59.99

Theragun Elite

The funny thing about the Theragun is how hard people resist it. They scoff at the price or the silliness of its structure—fair enough! But take it from someone who’s lent hers to a TheraGun-resistant father after a long day of active dad-ing… he’s going to love it. — Caitlin Clark

Theragun Elite $399

Athletic Greens Subscription

Help him condense his daily vitamin routine with a little help from Athletic Greens—you know he’s been dying to try it. — Caitlin Clark

Athletic Greens Subscription, $79

Earlybird Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

The Austin-bred brand has serious buzz around its gummies for good reason. Thanks to full-spectrum CBD (including naturally-derived delta 9 THC), mood-boosting relaxation is just a few chews away.

Earlybird Full Spectrum CBD Gummies, $29.99

Image by Julie Pointer Adams

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Music Lover

Has he waxed poetic about concerts of yore? Does he treat the car like a karaoke machine? Did he brag about his vinyl collection before it was cool? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then congrats, you have yourself a Music Loving Father. Below, find Father’s Day gifts he’ll love and listen to.

Vinyl Me Please Record Subscription 

For the dad who’s got his finger on the pulse of the music scene, this record subscription service is hard to beat. They’ll receive a new record every month based on their preferences, and have a unique collection of vinyl in no time. — Michelle Nash

Vinyl Me Please Record Subscription, prices vary

Orbit Special Walnut Turntable with Built-In Pre Amp

A splurge-y gift for the music fanatic in your life. Dynamic sound, clear playback, and consistent speeds, all housed in a turntable that’s so beautiful, it could practically be considered a work of art. — Camille Styles

Orbit Special Walnut Turntable with Built-In Pre Amp at CB2, $569

Image by Michelle Nash

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Aesthete

Nobody blends form and function quite like him. Treat your father figure to something as thoughtful as he is.

Ekster Parliament Wallet

The wallet of the future. I got this wallet for my husband five years ago and he is still so obsessed with it. This fun wallet has a built-in surprise. With a click of a button, all your cards fan out easily. It also is made out of aluminum (but covered in leather) which protects your credit cards from skimming! They even have a Father’s Day bundle. — Nihel Ayari

Ekster Parliament Wallet, $71

Sunski Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses

My dad has been known to lose everything and at the top of his list of most frequently-misplaced items are his glasses. While that would stir folks away from gifting a new pair, I have a feeling that these effective, well-designed, but still affordable glasses might incentivize him to keep better track. Beyond aesthetics, what I love most about these sunglasses is their ability to do it all. They protect against UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelengths (honestly, top of mind for me as my dad gets older) and the polarized lenses keep water’s high-shine reflections at bay. Key for a guy who spends every second he can by a lake or the ocean. — Isabelle Eyman

Sunski Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses, $57.95

Lumin’s Complete Skincare Gift Set

This premium skincare set is crafted with men’s skin in mind and takes out the routine guesswork for the dad who’s used to a simple wash and go. The ingredients target premature skin aging, fade acne scars and hyperpigmentation, and cleanse and hydrate skin. Guys gotta glow, too. Brittany Chatburn

Lumin’s Complete Skincare Gift Set, $85

Henry Thoreau First Edition Journal

I love reading the journals of great authors and poets who are no longer with us. When I finally got my hands on one of Emerson’s first-edition journals,  I excitedly shared the news with a friend—which promptly inspired her to find one for her dad. She found one, and he loved the gift so much! A first-edition book or journal would be a great thoughtful gift for a dad who loves reading. — Nihel Ayari

Henry Thoreau First Edition Journal, $65

Courant Catch-3 Classics Wireless Charging Tray

When I run back my personal greatest hits of gifts I’ve given my dad, this charging tray is absolutely in the top three. His electronics will never be low on juice again—and if he’s willing to share, neither will yours. — Caitlin Clark

Courant Catch-3 Classics Wireless Charging Tray, $175

Alder New York Cleansing Kit

My dad likes to throw me for a curveball and only just announced his passionate skincare practice. I recently discovered this gender-inclusive brand whose products are designed for all skin types. This gentle, but effective skin and brush combo will help him wash off the grime he inevitably comes across in the Vermont woods. Trust me, it’s a habit he’ll be happy to indulge in. (Psst… they also offer free shipping on orders $65+, so if you’re tempted to throw another skincare goodie in your cart just for you, I won’t be judging. In fact, I’ll be doing the same.) — Isabelle Eyman

Alder New York Cleansing Kit, $55.99

Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Robe

A regular feature of Mother’s Day gift guides, a good robe is loved by all—especially a guy who appreciates the effortless coziness of fine Belgian flax. — Caitlin Clark

Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Robe, $99

Faherty Sunwashed Pocket Tee

With this breezy best-seller from cool, laidback Faherty, he’ll be ready for anything summer sends his way. — Caitlin Clark

Faherty Sunwashed Pocket Tee, $58

Image by Michelle Nash

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Home Chef

He might not sport a “Kiss the Cook” apron, but he doesn’t have to. His grilling skills are legendary and his cocktails have earned kudos around the world (or at least around the block). This year, give him a little something to liven up his favorite domain. 

Onyx Coffee Subscription

His morning ritual just got a whole lot better. Onyx Coffee Lab roasts the most delicious coffee (with the most rad branding) and they’ll deliver it straight to your door. Support small businesses and his healthy-ish addiction. Try “Southern Weather” for a classic cup that’s great on its own or with cream. (Tip: a two-pound bag will generally last a month for two people.) — Brittany Chatburn

Onyx Coffee Subscription, prices vary

Knife Trio From Our Place

Adam’s always giving me a hard time about how infrequently I sharpen our knives, so I know he’ll appreciate the luxuriously sharp blades of these beautifully-designed knives from Our Place. They come in a range of colors, but I especially love the cream. Summer grilling, we’re ready for you! — Camille Styles

Knife Trio from Our Place, $145

Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants, Third Edition

My parents love to go to interesting restaurants when they travel, so years ago, I gave my dad the first Where Chefs Eat. To this day, it’s one of the most successful—and most used—gifts I’ve ever given him. — Caitlin Clark

Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants, Third Edition, $35

Image by Kristen Kilpatrick

Gift Ideas for the Sneakerhead Dad

Has he waited in line at Stadium Goods? Does he buy into anything sold at Kith? Take it from our resident wife to a sneakerhead, Brittany Chatburn, he’ll be into these Father’s Day gifts.

Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black Panda (2021)

According to my sneakerhead husband, these are “hyping right now.” Personally, I’m hyped that this shoe is also called the “Panda.” It’s a classic two-tone look with basketball construction and it’s likely very comfortable. But what really matters is all the nods of approval he’ll get from the other dads who are in the know. — Brittany Chatburn

Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black Panda (2021), $200

New Balance 550

And for the New Balance fans, this shoe is it. A cool, classic throwback design straight from the 80s archives. Dad never looked better. Extra points if you throw in the raved-about Jason Mark shoe cleaning kit. — Brittany Chatburn

New Balance 550, $254

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