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6 Yoga Moves You Can Do With Your Kids

January 12th, 2017

Editor’s note: Today’s fitness tutorial is brought to us by my friend Abby Nagler, co-founder of The Little Yoga House in Austin. Within the walls of their two beautiful studio locations, Abby and her team combine their shared love of yoga and kids to create magical experiences that are both fun and healthy. She joins us today to prove that being mindful isn’t a grown-ups-only practice…

From Abby: As adults, we sometimes forget that we’re not the only ones experiencing stress — our little ones can feel it too. Practicing yoga and meditation can provide real, concrete benefits for kids and families dealing with the stressors of everyday life. By emphasizing the importance of being truly present, yoga can foster a new sense of peace during the chaos. Benefits include: stress reduction, strength development, enhanced communication skills, anger management and confidence building, to name a few. At The Little Yoga House we recommend consistent practice in a group class or at home.

Yoga and mindfulness can seem daunting and a bit unfamiliar for families who have never practiced before, so we’ve put together a list of a few easy poses to practice (and play!) together in the comfort of your own home.

photography by Dos Mundos Creative

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  1. Cristina Bocanegra says:

    This is the cutest thing ever! Bowie and I love the Abby and the Little Yoga House.

  2. ashley b. says:

    can’t wait to try these out with my niece! could you also tell us where that awesome rug is from?

  3. Jordan Fronk says:

    Love this! Saving it now!

  4. keith says:

    Both partners lift your left hand to the sky.

  5. This is so sweet! Love this!

  6. Natalie says:

    So cute! Thanks for sharing.

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