Give Thanks for Good Music with our November Playlist

There will be food, and there will be music.

By Jamie Pabst

Hello, November! During the final days of autumn, grateful vibes abound as the holidays remind us of all that we’re thankful for. We begin to anticipate seasonal gatherings with friends of family, where you can be sure of two things: there will be food, and there will be music.  But unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving doesn’t come with a built-in playlist of celebratory tunes, and a silent Thanksgiving gathering simply should not be an option.

Luckily, there are plenty of songs about gratitude, gathering and just simply cozy vibes out there. To celebrate this month’s theme, I’ve put together a ready-to-play soundtrack to satisfy your senses at all your November gatherings. Tune in to our November playlist below, and subscribe to our music channel, filled with the coolest tunes curated by theme and activity.

Jamie Pabst is the CS Music Editor and a NYC-based entrepreneur and DJ for positive lifestyles.