Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles

yara birkenstockHappy weekend, lovelies! Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes here and on Instagram — it has been a great one! After abstaining from raw fish throughout my entire pregnancy, all I really wanted this year was an epic sushi feast — so Adam and I celebrated with our first post-baby night out on the town, with all the sashimi I could handle washed down with bubbly rosé. (heaven!Other than that, we’ve been enjoying the sunshine, eating lots of Mexican food (today we’re hanging by the pool and making nachos!) and really settling into life as a family of four. Henry is the sweetest baby — he really only cries when he’s hungry or wants cuddles (which is frequently), so it’s been a pretty calm and happy transition. I’m hoping to get out a little more with both kids this week to keep Phoebe entertained… wish me luck! Hope you’re all having a fab weekend so far, and enjoy my favorite links from the week!

The only pair of Birkenstocks I’ve actually considered purchasing (above.) Cute, huh?

Have you been using these emojis wrong?

7 amazing lunch ideas for lazy days.

Indulging in my first post-baby margaritas this weekend, and consulting this list for the ultimate recipe!

Love this festive party DIY

Since I’m carrying around a baby now, a good hands-free crossbody bag is a must. This one is on my shopping list!

Just finished this fascinating look at the habits of the world’s healthiest people.

The craziest new baby names of 2014.

Can’t wait to try this avocado & lemon zest spaghetti!

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

Can’t-miss secrets of perfect summer skin.

16 amazing birthday cake recipes (my mom made me a flourless chocolate cake this year that was the bomb.)

How to style a perfectly messy topknot.

*yara birkenstocks pictured above