Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
flowers & market bag

flowers & market bagHey y’all, happy weekend! Hope you’re having a good one so far. We’re brunching and hanging with our dads to celebrate Father’s Day. I feel incredibly lucky to have a dad who is always there for me and loves me no matter what; someone who I can count on to be there whenever I need him (and even though I’ve been an official “adult” for years, I still need my dad a lot!) It’s also a day when I take a step back and am so thankful to be married to a guy who is the most dedicated father to our kids (still feels weird to say “kids” in the plural!)… there’s really nothing sexier. On another note, did you guys notice that we’ve moved our On My Nightstand column to my Instagram feed? I’ve been reading a lot lately, and it’s turned out to be a really fun way to swap book ideas with you guys on a weekly basis. And there have been so many amazing recommendations pouring in — follow #CSBookClub to join the conversation, and stay tuned as I share my weekly read every Sunday night! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, and enjoy my favorite links from around the web this week!

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*image: Erich McVey Wedding Photography