Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
kale blood orange salad

kale blood orange salad

Morning, friends! Anyone else feeling especially happy that it’s the weekend? No matter how much I love what I do during the week (truth), by the time Friday rolls around I’m usually craving a break to turn it off, hang with the fam and not feel the constant need to be productive. I’ve been trying somewhat successfully to make sure the weekend actually is that break — emails can wait until Monday and the most pressing appointment on my calendar today is an afternoon park date with Phoebe.  Do any of y’all have tips for not letting work creep into your weekends? It’s sooo hard sometimes! I’d love to hear in the comments, and enjoy a few great reads from around the web this week! xo

Genius DIY piñatas.

Can’t believe this issue of my favorite mag was shot completely on iPhones.

Cutest chocolate chip cookies ever.

Just got these sandals and have barely taken them off.

Kale and blood orange salad (only 4 ingredients!)

Snack ideas from people who know how to eat.

I want to steal every idea from this baby shower.

A coconut quinoa bowl that I can’t wait to make.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

Ladies, it’s time: How to clean up your finances.

You guys agreed that this gal has the most jaw-dropping closet ever.

A quick & easy tutorial on making your own fresh ricotta cheese.

Gimme all the clutches in this roundup.

*photo: kale & blood orange salad from a house in the hills