Weekend Notes (and Win a Trip to Paris!)

By Camille Styles

bottega louie macarons

Happy weekend, friends! Hope y’all are all enjoying that extra hour of sleep this morning. Phoebe came downstairs and climbed under the covers with us at 6:15am, but when I remembered that I’d actually gotten a full night’s sleep thanks to Daylight Savings, I hopped out of bed and was glad to get an early start on the day. I’m on the most last-minute flight to LA this evening (as in, I booked it last night) for a fun video project that I’m excited to share more about, but in the meantime: where should I go while I’m there? I’ve got less than 48 hours and quite a bit of work to check off the list, but I’d love to squeeze in some fun (and good food) where I can. Bottega Louie (whose macarons are pictured above) is definitely on my list, and would love any of your recos in the comments. I’ll try to remember to post some peeks at where I end up on my insta stories if you’re following along. Hope that you all have the most wonderful Sunday! And as always — lots of great links from around the web for you to peruse below… xo

Speaking of travel: we’ve teamed up with Tasting Table to give away a DREAM weekend in Paris! Click here to enter — fingers crossed one of you guys is the winner!

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*photo credit: stories by joseph radhik