Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles
weekend notes

weekend notes

Morning, friends! Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend so far. It’s suddenly freezing in Austin, so we’re putting our best efforts towards keeping a 1 and 4 year old entertained indoors this weekend. Yesterday we hit up The Thinkery museum, went for a long brunch, and I took Phoebe to see a live musical of Charlotte’s Web (the bunnies were her favorite surprise!) The other day, someone asked me about the hardest part of being a mom, and I didn’t have to think twice before answering that it’s dealing with how quickly time passes: I’m constantly grappling with the speed at which their childhoods are racing by, and it’s hard to not feel like I should be doing more to make the most of these fleeting years. Lately, I’m trying to replace that pressure with the knowledge that just being there for them, listening and being present, is more valuable than all the extra-curricular activities in the world. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice in the comments, and as always, enjoy some of my favorite links from around the web this week! xo

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*image source: Tia Borgsmidt via Bolig Magasinet