Weekend Notes: Brave Girls & Sheet-Pan Dinners

By Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

featured image via belle vivir

Happy weekend, friends! What are y’all up to? We’ve spent ours almost completely at home — last night was splashing around in the hot tub, grilling fish tacos, and sitting by the fire with wine until way too late. I’m headed to New York for a few days for work this week, so I’m soaking up as much time and stealing as many kisses from my babes as possible. Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday morning, and enjoy my favorite links from around the web this week! xo

Why we’ve got to teach our girls to be brave.

Getting some good beauty tips from these podcasts.

Roses that will last up to an entire year (seriously!)

This has me planning my next weekend getaway.

This designer’s home tour makes me want to fully embrace monochrome.

Prioritizing gut health = better skin and happier moods.

The florist bandit strikes again!

Calvin klein’s american horror show was on a very unexpected runway.

Wanting to try this moringa latte recipe.

Meal prep doesn’t get much easier than these sheet pan dinners.

and a few fun things you may have missed!

Microneedling vs laser treatment – our expert breaks it down!

Suruchi’s classic chai tea recipe is definitely one to try.

This mental trick just might be the thing that cures your procrastination.

A healthy and delicious avocado, hummus and green bowl recipe (my fave)