Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles

beautiful spring cakesHappy Easter, friends! Hope you’re all having a lovely day filled with sweet things and sunshine. We’re spending the day with our families, and since Phoebe’s still the only grandchild on both sides (for 6 more weeks!), it’ll be all about her solo egg hunts. Which she doesn’t mind a bit, since it means she gets to take home all the candy. We have an exciting week coming up on the blog — a peek inside one of my favorite blogger’s glamorous entertaining style, a recipe for the spring salad we’ve all had on repeat around the office, and I’ll be showing y’all photos of how Phoebe’s “big girl room” makeover came together. Until then, enjoy the holiday weekend, and keep reading for my favorite links from around the web lately! xoice cream cake semifreddo

Jenn saw this documentary called “Twinsters” that blew her mind. Watch the trailer — you will not believe this!

Speaking of documentaries, have you seen Going Clear yet? It was released on HBO last week and is pretty insane, too.

Sweet & salty fig toast.

Are you a narcissistic parent? Some wise points to consider.

Habits of the highly organized (via apartment 34)

Definitely going to give these chia frescas a try.

20 embarrassing phrases even smart people misuse.

*and a few fun things you may have missed!

The trend we’re all obsessing over… 10 gorgeous bucket bags for spring.

The girls of Darling magazine spilled the deets on their personal style.

Kicking off a big new design project at our house!

These are the 10 pieces I’ve been wearing nonstop during this pregnancy.

*photos by linda lomelino