Weekend Notes: Back From Costa Rica & Cures for the Common Cold

By Camille Styles

cactus garden

photo by @onahazymorning

Happy weekend, friends! Adam and I got back from Costa Rica last week, and it was exactly the kind of trip we both needed to get totally rejuvenated. The perfect mix of adventure (kayaking, surfing, and so much hiking!) and relaxation (beach time, amazing Latin American food, and so much rosé!), Costa Rica is on my new list of places I hope to return to again and again. Back in Austin, I’ve finally come down with this cold-virus thing that so many people I know have had. I woke up this morning super congested with tons of pressure in my head, and I’m planning to spend this day hanging with the kids at home and getting lots of rest. I’ve got my ginger-lemon-herb tea boiling away on the stove and ingredients for chicken soup read to go for later, but please please share any home remedies for a cold that have worked for you guys! I’m determined to kick this thing and will try any ideas y’all throw at me. Hope that you’re all having a fun (and healthy) weekend, and enjoy my favorite reads from around the web this week! xoC

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