What Type of Videos Would You Like to See?

By Camille Styles
behind the scenes vogue

behind the scenes vogue

Hey peeps, we’ve been working on some really cool video projects that I can’t wait to share here soon. It’s the first time we’ve concepted and produced our own videos strictly for the blog — people have been asking us for ages why we didn’t do video, but I had to find a personally compelling enough reason why video would add value to the experience of the site. Over the months I’ve finally started building a vision, and I couldn’t be more excited about what we’ve shot so far. So, now that we’re kicking off this new project, I need to hear from you! What types of videos would you like to see on the site? Healthy recipes? Beauty tutorials? Fitness demos? Q&A’s with me? Entertaining stories? Behind-the-scenes at our office? Something else?

I’d love to hear! Leave a comment and let me know what you’d love to watch so we can add it to the queue. And stay tuned for our first video to launch next week! xo

featured image: vogue