Hello July! Camille’s Letter from the Editor

Savor every last morsel.

By Camille Styles
Tomato & Burrata Pasta

Savor (sa-ver) verb. 1. to taste and enjoy completely. 2. to delight in. 3. relish.

Just try to read that definition without a huge smile appearing on your face (I tried, it’s impossible.) I don’t know about you, but it pretty much sums up the way I want to live my life, especially during these carefree days of summer.

You know the biggest thing that gets in the way of my fully savoring life some days? Simply not paying attention to the beauty and wonder all around me. I forget to notice the things that others overlook, to find my every day existence as fascinating and engaging as it actually is.

There’s so much just waiting for us to see and feel and taste and savor, if we only remember to pay attention.

This mozzarella & tomato pasta recipe is my easy go-to weeknight dinner!

In my never-ending quest to be more present and less distracted, I recently picked up Rob Walker’s book The Art of Noticing and have been practicing some of his simple exercises that are meant to spark creativity and find joy in the everyday experience. He talks about one fact that I think we’re all subtly aware of — that the screens we carry around in our pockets frequently get in the way of us being all there, immersing ourselves in our experience as we touch, swipe, or tap that screen on average 2,500 times a day.

Walker says, “Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager.”

As we enter the middle of summer, now is as good of time as any to take a deep breath and dive fully into life. This month’s editorial theme is Savor, and I can’t wait to open my eyes and my heart to the people, places, spaces, and food we’ll be exploring over the next 30 days. Easy ways to be more mindful, recipes bursting with summer’s juiciest flavors, beautiful homes that’ll leave you swooning… If we can delight, inspire, and make you smile so big your face hurts, I’ll consider this month’s mission accomplished.

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