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Gyno Woes Be Gone: Empowering Advice for Your Next Visit

September 12th, 2018

Goin’ to the gyno, annual exam, well woman check, pap smear? (why is it called a pap? why did they have to include the word smear?), breast exams, speculums, exam tables, stirrups, HPV, lab work, vaccines, bone density, blood draws, birth control…Whoa! Hold it right there hunny! It’s no wonder women feel overwhelmed when it’s time for their annual check up. What does it all mean? How do I answer these questions? Am I normal? There’s a lot of big medical language and oftentimes women feel like they’re being tested on something they don’t understand. But, your annual gyno appointment shouldn’t be scary – it’s all about checking in on you to be sure you’re thriving and give you what you need– simple as that!

Lauren Zielinski is a Certified Nurse-Midwife, and the founder of a grassroots women’s health movement called New Moon Rising Events. New Moon Rising works in cities across the US to hold free, day-long workshops that foster discussion about reproductive health, political advocacy, natural medicine options, and community connections.

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