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How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts

February 23rd, 2017

We’ve all been hurt by others and situations — it’s part of life — and while the pain is often out of our control, I think it’s helpful to remember that we can control our response to it. Do we dwell and ruminate on the past… or do we learn what we can and then get back to the more important task of living our lives? I, for one, am a big fan of the latter, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Since conflict and hurt is inevitable, I’ve been reading up on the topic of resiliency: why do some of us seem have an easier time bouncing back and moving on? Turns out that the experts have a lot to say on the topic, so keep scrolling for 12 ways to learn to let things go.

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  1. karin says:

    These ideas are coming just around the perfect time to work on my “letting go”. Excellent points and suggetions.

  2. Jennifer Rose Smith says:

    This is a great topic. Sometimes relationships are so unhealthy that we have to end them for good. But much more often we find ourselves looking for ways to cope with disappointment in relationships that we want to continue. For those situations, I’ve found that simply giving the relationship a bit of space can do wonders. Sometimes I realize that I need to “reclassify” the relationship in my mind. (Example: I thought this was a best friend/soul connection/true blue pal but she’s really more of a fun acquaintance.) Once I have my expectations in order, I feel more in control of the situation and am rarely disappointed by others.

  3. Samantha Lee says:

    This is so relevant for me right now. I’ve been feeling hurt by some people’s actions – or lack of actions – lately and am trying so hard to work through it. Endorphins are REAL, and working out has been very helpful. Also, actively making the decision to let it go and live my life how I want to, regardless of others, is a practice that also really helps (when you are able to master it, haha). Relationships work both ways, and I’m trying my best to remind myself of that and to stop burning the candle only from my end. People who want to make the effort and be in your life, simply put, will.

  4. Della says:

    Samantha, that last comment is very wise. Hard to accept, but freeing in a way, too.

  5. Emma J. says:

    These are awesome, well-written and relevant tips, but a few years ago, I might have read #1 and #5 and assumed that because I couldn’t let go, couldn’t stop replaying something in my head, no matter how much I actually wanted to, that I simply wasn’t trying hard enough. To anyone else who feels like this, that no matter what they try, letting go becomes impossible, I encourage you to find a good therapist – it turns out that for me, those were symptoms of OCD. Excessive hand-washing and extreme organization were (luckily) never part of my life, but without those hallmarks, I never considered that my obsessive thoughts were actually a mental illness.

  6. Diana says:

    These are such good reminders to have! It’s so easy to have your head wrapped around one negative thought/experience but really, you just need to get outside of your head!

  7. Debe says:

    Awesome thoughts thank you for sharing!

  8. Lucy says:

    Great advice here 🙂 I suffer from anxiety and I definitely think it’s the choice to let go of painful situations, that is so difficult to do. In your mind, you feel like clinging on to something is almost essential but it’s self-sabotage and can become an obsession but certainly, getting active and channelling any negative energy into positive actions, are very helpful!
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